10 Interesting Facts About Vietnam

1. There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, each with its distinct language and culture.


2. There are different dialects of Vietnamese language and people from a different region might not fully understand another dialect (or even at all). 


3. It’s not only about pho. There are so many different types of rice noodle dishes such as bun, my quang, hu tieu etc.


4. Food in the southern Vietnam is sweeter than in the northern Vietnam.


5. Vietnam’s New Year is based on lunar calendar (meaning the date is different every year). 


6. It takes 45 hours by car from the top to the bottom of Vietnam.


7. Vietnam’s coastline is 3,260km (2,030mi) long excluding the islands.


8. 44% of Vietnam’s land is forest area.


9. Vietnam has the world’s biggest cave, Hang Son Doong. You need to be physically fit to visit to this cave organised by Oxalis Adventures.


10. Half-hatched duck egg is a popular menu for breakfast in Vietnam.


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