5 Best Desserts & Ice Creams in Hanoi

Summer has arrived here in Hanoi! Even the Vietnamese people don’t necessarily welcome this heat and the burning hot Sun that’ll last for about 5 months. I think it is even harder for foreigners who are not so used to this kind of weather. 

Going around sightseeing in this heat will make you crave for ice-cold drinks and desserts to hydrate your devastated body. A sweet treat for yourself is well-deserved and a must to re-boost up!

So check out these 5 summer desserts and where to find them below!

1. Hoa Quả Dầm

Hoa Qua Dam Hoa Beo - fruit dessert with yogurt

‘Hoa quả’ means fruit and ‘dầm’ means to macerate. 
It is a bowl of fresh tropical fruits topped with small pieces of ice and condensed milk. 
It is on the top list of recommendations for all my friends and families who visit Vietnam. 
My favourite and one & only place for this is Hoa Quả Dầm Hoa Béo. There are other menus such as hoa quả kem (with ice cream) and drinks. I always go for the classic hoa quả dầm, but you can try both if you go with a friend or just order two for yourself if you want!



Tố Tịch, Hang Gai, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Open everyday 9:30 – 22:30

2. Trang Tien Ice Cream

This ice cream shop takes pride in its brand with tradition and history. It opened in 1958 in Trang Tien street of Hoan Kiem and has established reputation and popularity among locals. People usually park their motorbikes inside, get an ice cream and enjoy it on their bikes. 
You need to go in deeper past the shop that you first see from the street and the shop is where all the motorbikes are parked. 

They sell ice cream bars, cones and mochi ice creams, in different stands. So go and explore it yourself and choose which one to get!



35 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Open everyday 8:00 – 21:00

3. Hoan Kiem Ice Cream

This shop is located on Lê Thái Tổ street by Hoan Kiem lake. The shop is in the same building as the restaurant behind and easy to spot from the pedestrian. They have a great variety of ice creams and my favourite is mint ice cream bar. 
Going for a walk in the lake is probably something you would do when in Hanoi and starting or finishing off with a refreshing ice cream in hand is always a good idea especially in the Summer. 



1-6 Lê Thái Tổ, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm

Opening hours N/A

4. Coconut Coffee at Cong Cafe

Cong Cafe is a famous coffee shop chain in Vietnam that has so quickly expanded within Vietnam and even started to open shops abroad. Their famous drink is the slushy coconut coffee. 
Ice-cold coconut slush is not too overwhelmingly coconuty so even those who may not be so fond of coconut flavour can give it a try. The smooth milky coconut slush mixed with the strong Vietnamese coffee is just a perfect harmony. 



There are many Cong cafes in town and some other cafes also sell coconut coffee similar to Cong cafe. 

5. Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk

A.k.a Ca Phe Sua Da – Cà Phê (Coffee) Sữa (condensed milk) Đá (Ice). 
Your trip in Vietnam isn’t complete without trying Vietnamese coffee, which is a beloved drink for many locals as well as foreigners. It serves just as well as a dessert because of the sweet flavour of condensed milk. The often bitter and strong Vietnamese coffee is smoothed with the condensed milk. It’ll pump you up for the remaining schedules of the day.



It is sold everywhere and anywhere. 

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