5 Popular Breakfast Menus in Hanoi You Must Try while Travelling Vietnam

Local Hanoians enjoy breakfast before going to work and to begin a brand new day. There’s quite a variety of different breakfast dishes you can try while in Hanoi. Enjoying breakfast early in the morning on the yet crowded streets of Hanoi and Old Quarter will be a great experience to take a glance at a typical morning of locals.

So here’s a list of 5 different breakfast menus you can and should try when in Hanoi.


Beef pho noodle soup with quẩy (fried baguette)

Of course, one cannot miss the chance of trying a hot bowl of pho noodle soup in Vietnam and especially in Hanoi. With more than 1,000 years of history as a capital, Hanoi is also the capital city of pho. There are mainly two variations of pho – pho bo (beef) and pho ga (chicken). While most of famous pho restaurants sell pho bo, pho ga has a whole new kind of flavour. 

Bánh Cuốn

Banh Cuon - must try Vietnamese breakfast menu
Minced meat and mushroom wrapped in thin rice flour

Bánh cuốn is rolled rice flour with minced meat and mushroom inside and is accompanied with Vietnamese sausages and fresh herbs. Watching the skillful seller spreading the rice flour batter on a hot pan and rolling it once cooked adds to the entire experience of Vietnamese breakfast. The texture is soft and rich and it is a light, but satisfying meal to boost up for the day. 

Bánh Giò

Banh Gio Vietnamese breakfast menu
Jelly-like rice cake topped with all kinds of sausages and pickled cucumber

Banh gio is rice cake wrapped and steamed in banana leaf and is enjoyed with a selection of sausages, pickled cucumber and chilli sauce. The rice cake is sticky and jelly- or pudding-like. You can scoop the rice cake with a small plastic spoon and the diversity of textures and fragrances will add to the meal experience. 


Sticky rice with pork, fried garlic etc (source: Soha.vn)

Xôi is sticky rice in Vietnamese and is one of the common breakfast options for locals. Although it’s mostly served in small portions, the sticky rice does the job of filling you well and happy to begin the day with great energy. There are quite a big range of ingredients you can choose to have with sticky rice.


Vietnamese breakfast menu porridge - chao
Congee topped with chopped fried baguette and chilli powder

Porridge or congee is a popular breakfast and also one of my favourites in Vietnam. Similar to banh cuon, it is a prominent breakfast menu, so most of the shops are usually only open in the mornings. Plain porridge can be so flavourful and delicious if you enjoy with some extra seasonings like chilli powder or fried baguette. 

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