6 Vietnam Instagram Accounts for Local Food Inspiration!

If you are a foodie and consider culinary experience as the top priority when travelling, you’ve landed in the right place. I love trying local foods and dishes when I travel. We have plenty of platforms to do our food and restaurant research such as YouTube, blogs and travel guides. But they’re mostly in English (of course if you’re researching in English) and if they’re in Vietnamese, we won’t understand. So I always felt like I’m missing out on those places where locals eat!

I have been using Instagram to explore new restaurants and menus to expand my ‘Vietnamese cuisine journey’. I get inspirations from Vietnamese Instagram accounts as I believe they know “what they’re talking about” that travellers might miss out.

Yes, they’re mostly written in Vietnamese, but what’s great about Instagram is that it’s so visual and the language barrier won’t be too much of a deal as we can use the ‘translation’ function to get the information we want.  

Here’s a list of my favourite accounts that’ll help you figure out which food and restaurants you want to try when visiting Vietnam!

1.  Foody


Photo from @foody.vn

Foody provides useful information such as name of the dish, address and price. Foody.vn seems to have more extract information compared to regional accounts such as @foodyhanoi and @foodysaigon

The regional accounts usually provide extra information such as operating hours of the restaurant. Foody covers many other cities such as Hue, Nha Trang and more, so check them out when you’re visiting the cities. 

2. Lozi 


Lozi is awesome because most of their contents are videos, which I find more appetising! The names of dishes are most often capitalised, which makes it easier for you to spot. And the address information is also provided. Lozi has two other accounts: @lozihanoi and @lozisaigon


3. Tunluvfood


Tunluvfood features dishes from restaurants in Hanoi and provides useful information like address, price and opening hours. The name of the dish is always at the very beginning of caption. 

4.  Food Collections My



Most of the posts are based in Ho Chi Minh city and sometimes features other cities like Da Lat, Nha Trang etc. Food Collections My provides information such as name of the dish in capital letters, address, opening hours and price range.

5. Tebefood 


Tebefood is a Ho Chi Minh based Instagram food blogger. She gives all the necessary restaurant information and her star rating out of 5 stars as well as her extensive review details. The best detail is that the posts always include names of the foods on the photo.

6.  Normaltus


Normaltus is a Hanoi based food blogger on Instagram. It might be worth checking her account out along with other accounts above. 

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