About Lokalien

What does Lokalien mean?

Lokalien stands for ‘Local’ and ‘Alien’. We’re all locals at home(s) and aliens somewhere else in the world. The two words are combined as a metaphor resembling how we live in a world that is so diverse in cultures and languages, yet ever so connected through travelling and via online. 

In other words, I’d say lokalien stands for anyone with passion for travelling abroad and desire to understand cultural diversity. 

What's the purpose of Lokalien?

I’m from Korea and I’m currently based in Hanoi – living a lokalien life! I value putting an effort into understanding culture and language of a country I live in. So I put myself fully in diving into joining Vietnamese people and their lifestyle. 

I have been really enjoying my journey here learning about Vietnam’s culture, language, and visiting places and I’m in love with the country and its people. I know that there are people like me out there seeking for culturally rich experiences and are interested in hidden gems that only locals could suggest. 

So I’m motivated to share with you my personal experiences and my local friends’ insights and suggestions, so that you can have an absolutely fulfilling, culturally enriching and memorable experiences in Vietnam!