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As briefly introduced in my Top 5 BBQ Restaurants in Hanoi, Sumo BBQ is a perfect dinner place to fill your tummy with high quality meat and vast range of dishes. Sumo BBQ is a Japanese concept barbeque restaurant chain with a great number of locations in big cities of Vietnam – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and more. 

As much as enjoying the amazing Vietnamese BBQ (grilled with margarine), I also love BBQ dinners at Sumo BBQ in Hanoi because of their delicious meat, top service and all-you-can-eat option full of choices. So here’s some details on their all-you-can-eat menu and my experiences at Sumo for your reference!

All-You-Can-Eat BBQ - Sumo BBQ Hanoi

Sumo BBQ All you can eat restaurant
This picture is no exaggeration of what you'll eat (source:

There are three main types of choices for you at Sumo BBQ, which are a la carte, combo / full course and all-you-can-eat buffet. Within the combo or full course menu, there are different set menus such as Osaka, Hokkaido courses and more. And they’re mostly combos for 2 – 3 people for a price range between 599,000VND and 919,000VND (plus 10% VAT). But I have not tried the combo menus nor a la carte since all-you-can-eat buffet options obviously sound more appealing with so many options in it.

For the buffet options, there are mainly two options – classic buffet (329,000VND per person + VAT) and premium buffet (379,000VND per person + VAT). Both options come with a great variety of meats, some seafood, side dishes and hotpot at the end of your BBQ session. And the ‘buffet’ here is served to your table. That means you can order any or all dishes from the menu – unlimitedly (as much as you can eat).

When I first went to Sumo, I was overwhelmed with all the options within each buffet menu. And honestly, it was impossible to know the differences by comparing them myself. So I asked a staff for the difference between the two. And the difference is that the premium buffet comes with a portion of Wagyu beef, a choice between fresh salmon sashimi and grilled salmon and some extra side dishes.

So every time I visit Sumo BBQ, I always opt for the premium buffet. Mainly for the Wagyu beef (notorious high quality Japanese beef) and salmon sashimi. But other than these two extra benefits, I believe the classic buffet comes with enough options to indulge in without missing out much.

Premium Buffet - All-You-Can-Eat

Sumo BBQ Hanoi - platter of beef
Platter of different beef parts and Wagyu beef on the blue plate
Sumo BBQ Hanoi - grilled meat
Charcoal grill makes the meat even juicier and yummier!
Sumo BBQ Hanoi - grilled meat and shrimp
Shrimps and mushrooms are available as well
Sumo BBQ Hanoi - Salmon sashimi
My little highlight of the meal is this salmon sashimi
Sumo BBQ Hanoi kimchi
Variety of Korean kimchi - super refreshing to have with greasy meat
Sumo BBQ Hanoi salad
One of many different salads you can choose from
Sumo BBQ Hanoi - bibimbap with minced meat
Japanese-Korean fusion style hotstone bibimbap (rice topped with veggies and meat)

Both classic and premium buffets have beef, pork, and chicken meats. But I always stick to beef only since the beef here is tender and scrumptious. At first, we were served with a platter of a variety of beef parts with the small portion of Wagyu beef. Along with beef, we had salad, kimchi (Korean vegetable side dishes) and fresh lettuce for wrap. 

As mentioned above, another extra for premium buffet is that you have a choice between salmon sashimi and grilled salmon steak. I always go for salmon sashimi here and I love the fresh and fat salmon sashimi to begin the dinner.

After we tried the first platter of meat, we could look at the menu to order more of the same or different meat parts. Both buffets offer shrimps and premium buffet has squid as an extra. So I think it’s another cool thing about Sumo offering to satisfy seafood lovers as well.

Other than the vast range of meats, the sashimi and some seafood, there are tons of sides. From sushi to bibimbap, which is a hotstone mixed rice originally from Korea, but it’s interpreted with a Japanese twist. There are other menus such as Okonomoyaki (Japanese pancake) and grilled fish etc. What’s more is that there’s hotpot option if you’re done with your BBQ and want to finish with a hotpot.

I have tried to have hotpot, but I could never because I  was too full for that after all the meat and sides. Even only BBQ is enough for me to be super satisfied with, but I do hope to try the hotpot sometime in the future.

In conclusion

Sumo BBQ really is a place with so many options and good quality meat and dishes. In my experiences, the service has always been great and I also find the restaurant atmosphere to be very comfortable. So I always had great dinners at Sumo. Thus I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a great BBQ dinner in Hanoi and other cities in Vietnam. 

Sumo BBQ 

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