Authentic and Real Local Vietnamese Cuisine in Old Quarter, Hanoi – Liu Riu Restaurant: Sister Restaurant of Cai Mam Restaurant

Some foreign friends were visiting Hanoi and my friends and I wanted to take them to a local restaurant for a real authentic Vietnamese dining experience. So we went to Cai Mam restaurant where we had had an amazing dinner the first time we’d been. But the restaurant was full, so we were introduced to their sister restaurant nearby in the Old Quarter called Liu Riu restaurant. 

Just like my first impression of Cai Mam restaurant, Liu Riu restaurant was impressive and I loved it the moment I arrived. There are two streets – Hàng Mành and Yên Thái – to enter the restaurant and we arrived at Yen Thai street, which is a small street. 

On Yen Thai street side, the restaurant had two big windows open, so the guests sitting by the window could enjoy an open view to the street. And it look so pretty from outside looking in at the pink shades of walls. 

Open windows on Yen Thai street
Alley into the restaurant from Hang Manh street

The ground floor seats were fully occupied, so we were escorted upstairs and there was no other table, so we had the entire floor to ourselves. The ground floor is covered with pink and orange shades of walls, which gave a romantic and cosy feeling. Whereas the area upstairs has a slightly different ambiance of a traditional Vietnamese home and there is a view over the quiet Yen Thai street and a local temple right beside the restaurant. 

Ground floor seats
Upstairs seats
Simple yet distinctive decoration

The menu is all local Vietnamese dishes similar to Cai Mam restaurant, but is more extensive than in Cai Mam and there are vegetarian and vegan options available. We ordered different main dishes with fresh phở cuốn (phở roll) and fish soup. 

Vietnamese cuisine food Liu Riu Restaurant Beef wrap
Grilled beef with lemongrass
Crispy tofu topped with fried lemongrass
Chả cá - grilled fish
Fish soup in the cutest bowl
Stir-fried mixed vegetables

Each and every dish was yummy and delightful. The presentation of the dishes made them taste even better and more memorable. The overall experience was very satisfactory and I loved their service, ambiance and food. 

It’ll certainly be a top choice for any of you wanting to try the real taste of Vietnamese cuisine in a cosy and homey atmosphere. 

Address: 02 Yên Thái, street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 110116, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Everyday 10:00 – 22:00

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