Best Chicken Feet & Wing Grill BBQ Restaurant in Hanoi

If you’re a foodie looking for suggestion of best restaurant in Hanoi and if you’re an adventurous soul, I have an awesome recommendation for you! As listed in my complete guide for foodies in Hanoi, chicken feet is one of the challenging, but delicious dishes you can try here. 

I personally love chicken feet and there’s a special place I go for this in town. It is one of the best and famous restaurants in Hanoi for BBQ chicken feet. What’s more is that not only are their chicken feet so yummy, but their grilled banh mi bread with honey is best in town!

Best BBQ Chicken Feet Restaurant in Hanoi!

Chan Ga Ngo Gach Chicken feet - restaurant 1
A very local outdoor restaurant in Hanoi for the best BBQ chicken feet

It is an outdoor restaurant located on Ngo Gach street in the Old Quarter, Hanoi. I was first brought here by a Vietnamese local friend who said it is one of the most famous restaurants in town for BBQ chicken feet. And I have been going back here for many years since. 

This place is always packed with people and almost 100% are local Vietnamese. Hence, it can take a while to be served if you’re here at a bad timing. From my experiences, I have learned two tips for this place. First is that I would only go here when I’m not too hungry, so that I allow myself some time for waiting. Second is to either go right when they’re open (around 6:30PM) or around 8-9PM when the first round is over. 

There are BBQ grills set up by the street. I have to say that the sauce they brush on the chicken feet and wings is something very special. I love the sweet flavoured sauce here so much. 

Chan Ga Ngo Gach Chicken feet bbq in Hanoi
Two grill sections busy grilling chicken feet and wings

What to order?

Chicken feet, of course! This is the main dish. However, good news for someone who cannot eat chicken feet is that they also have BBQ chicken wings. I always order both feet and wings because the wings have the juicy meat and crispy skin that is delicious.

Besides wings, as I mentioned above, this place is also the best restaurant in Hanoi for grilled honey banh mi. I have tried grilled honey banh mi in many other restaurants, but not one place can beat this one. Here, banh mi is grilled to the perfect crispiness. What’s even better is how the bread is perfectly marinated in honey, yet it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. 

Sweet and sour chilli sauce with green papaya at BBQ chicken feet Ngo Gach
This sweet and sour chilli sauce with green papaya is so yum
BBQ chicken feet at best chicken feet restaurant in Hanoi
BBQ chicken feet
BBQ chicken wings at best chicken feet restaurant in Hanoi
BBQ chicken wings
BBQ honey banh mi at best chicken feet restaurant in Hanoi
Grilled banh mi bread with honey is the best in town

I’ve seen some other tables ordering much less and I believe they’re here for a light snack. But I go here for a proper dinner here. So when I go with my boyfriend, we usually order 8 skewers of chicken feet, 2 skewers of wings and 2-3 banh mi.

Here are the prices for your reference:

Chicken feet skewer (2 feet) – 16,000VND

Chicken wing skewer (1 big wing) – 30,000VND

Honey banh mi – 10,000VND

Something to Beware of!

Funny fact and maybe a word of little caution to note about this place is that like the famous Bun Ngan shop (duck noodle soup) in the Old Quarter, the owner here is not very friendly. 

I had times when I had to wait a long while to be asked to order. And I’ve seen his unwelcoming attitude to most guests, if not everyone. So I know you might be thinking why you’d want to go here. Honestly, I also wonder why I keep coming back here despite his unfriendly service. 

Nonetheless, I think the food is too good to resist and I learned not to care about the bad service but only about the food. In fact, I even enjoy observing him and being surprised with how everyone still comes back despite his service. Maybe there’s some magic in the chicken feet sauce…?

What I’m saying is that if you take it as an amazing foodie experience and don’t mind too much about the service, it’ll be a very yummy and local Vietnamese dining experience! So yes, I highly recommend this place if you’re in Hanoi.

Quan Cay Bang Ga Nuong

Address: 21 Ngõ Gạch, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Open from 18:30 

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