Best Transportation Apps to Use in Vietnam

Dealing with transportation in a foreign country can be quite a hassle and stressful to some, if not most of travellers. It’s especially true knowing that foreigners are prone to rip offs and overcharge. Whatever or however small the amount is that we could be overcharged, it is just not nice and something we all want to avoid.

Most of hotels and hostels in Vietnam offer transportation bookings prior to and during your stay. Booking through your accommodation is a safe option too, but using an app to book a ride or take a bus to somewhere close or far can come in handy if you know which one and how to use. 

Here is a list of the best transportation phone applications you can download and use at your convenience. 

1. Grab

Grab is the most popular app used in Vietnam as well as throughout South-East Asia. Grab is the Uber of SE Asia. If you have travelled or lived in this region, you’re probably familiar with this app.

Grab offers three main functions, which are Grab car / bike, GrabFood and GrabExpress. You can see the exact price information and choose the type of payment method before booking. There are two types of payment options – cash or GrabPay (either by topping up credit or pay with credit card). 

Check out promotions that’ll save you some tens of thousands of VND or even give you a free ride. Each ride will give you reward points, with which you can purchase coupons and discount vouchers. 

2. GoViet

GoViet is a Vietnamese company that offers similar services as Grab, but only has motorbike as a mode of transport and cash for payment. They offer Go-Bike, Go-Food and Go-Send services. It is a cheaper option than Grab usually. 

3. Be

Be is also a Vietnamese company and is the most recent one that came into the market and is pushing sales through lots of promotions. This one only focuses on transportation and they have options for motorbike and cars. You can choose to pay by cash or card.

4. TimBuyt

TimBuyt is an application for bus connections and routes in Hanoi. You can search by bus stops nearby or by routes. If you have Internet connection on your phone, you’ll be able to see the real-time waiting time (although it is not always accurate). You can also use the offline mode and English available.

5. BusMap is the bus app for Ho Chi Minh city. It also shows the approximate waiting time for the next bus. English language is available on this app, but there’s no function to download an offline map. 

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