Brand New Bun Ca (Fish Noodle Soup) Restaurant in Hanoi For Foodies

Hello Foodies in or coming to Hanoi for some incredible local dishes! As Vietnam’s capital city with an extensive history and culture, local food lies in the centre of its history and culture of Hanoi. There are loads and loads of delectable Vietnamese or Hanoian cuisine for you to discover. 

I’ve got a list of many dishes you must try in Hanoi in my Complete Hanoi Food Guide for FoodiesIn it, includes this yummy dish called bún cá, which is fish noodle soup. Also, I mentioned there my favourite bun ca restaurant in Hanoi on Trung Yen street. I have been a regular guest there and honestly, that was the only place I went for bun ca because they really do it well. 

Then until recently, my boyfriend took me to a brand new bun ca restaurant open in the Old Quarter. He took me there with great enthusiasm to try their amazing bun ca. I was excited to try it as I love discovering new places like many foodies do and should in Hanoi!

It was a beautifully sunny day and just after Vietnamese Lunar New Year, so all temples were busy with people who came to pray. All the streets and temples were filled with life on this day and most of the restaurants were full around lunch time. Hence, I was in a holiday mood with all this liveliness and in expectation to try a new restaurant!

New Gem Discovery for Hanoi Foodies!

Hanoi Foodies Bun Ca Ro Dong Nguyen Sieu - restaurant front
Eye-catching yellow signs in the corner of Nguyen Sieu street
Local suggestions for foodies in Hanoi Bun Ca Ro Dong Nguyen Sieu
Small clean kitchen area welcoming guests into the restaurant

The eye-catching yellow signs make the restaurant so visible especially in the corner of a junction between Nguyen Sieu and Hang Giay streets. 

Compared to my favourite bun ca restaurant on Trung Yen street and many other restaurants, this place is so much cleaner! 

We took a table inside where almost everything was brand new. I believe the restaurant was only open for a few months or less. What was special was how the staff or owners working seamlessly and carefully, which was very sweet to watch.  

As soon as we sat down, we were served hot tea which was complimentary! A really nice touch and welcoming. How sweet of them!

Local Suggestion for Hanoi Foodies - Bun Ca Ro Dong Nguyen Sieu
Bowl of fish noodle soup - bun ca
Local Suggestion for Hanoi Foodies - Bun Ca Ro Dong Nguyen Sieu
Can you see those roe floating on the soup? Yummm

They have two types of noodle to order – banh da (flat brown rice noodle) and bun (white round rice noodle). We both ordered bun noodle and the food was served swiftly.

Immediately after taking the pictures, I realised that they added some fish roe, something I love. Then I tasted the soup and I was really impressed with the flavour. The more I ate, the more depth and intensity I could taste. I believe they really put a lot of work into cooking the broth, which tasted fantastic.

In addition, my boyfriend told me that he likes this place a lot because they serve river fish (which, he said, in many other bun ca places don’t). Frankly, I am not able to identify types of fish by eating, but I loved the fish here. It was softer than the bun ca on Trung Yen street, where they serve crispy fried fish. 

If I compare this place with Bun Ca Sam Cay Si on Trung Yen street, the soup here is more intense and has a rather meaty flavour while Bun Ca Sam Cay Si has a lighter and sweet sour flavour. The texture of the fish is also much softer here as mentioned above.

As they have very different takes on the same dish, but both are very delicious, I think I found another favourite of bun ca restaurants in Hanoi. Therefore, for passionate foodies, you can try both places if you have time. Otherwise, either one of the places will be a great meal!

Banh Da – Bun Ca Ro Dong

Address: 43 Nguyễn Siêu, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: N/A

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