Bun Cha Burger in Truc Bach, Hanoi – A Perfect Harmony of Vietnamese and Western Fusion Cuisine

I recently discovered a restaurant offering a Vietnamese and western fusion menu in Truc Bach lake near the Old Quarter in Hanoi. The place is called Bún Chả Burger and I saw their advertisement on Facebook page. Bún chả is a prominent dish in Hanoi and it is sweet flavoured BBQ meat enjoyed with fresh bún noodle. It was pretty easy to imagine what a bun cha burger might taste like, but I was really curious to find out if it’d be as I imagined or somewhat different.

So on a sunny day, I made my way to the restaurant. The restaurant is located right by the Truc Bach lake and slightly hidden from the main road as the entrance is a couple of metres inside between buildings.

There was the bar and one small table on the ground floor with cute paintings and decorations. I love cafes and restaurants with thoughtfully decorated space and design, so my first impression from the entrance was surely positive and I was feeling excited.

Cosy entrance along the graffiti wall
Seats by the bar
Table by the entrance on the ground floor

I was already excited and surprised to be welcomed to such a cosy and beautifully decorated atmosphere and when I went upstairs to take a seat, I instantly fell in love with the restaurant. The way tables are arranged, the overall tone of the decor and especially the autumn sun shining into the space were just perfect.

It was late lunch time, so there was almost no one while I was there. So I think this place would be great for reading a book or working on laptop in silence in the afternoon.

Table by the window - some view over the lake
Cute paintings on the wall and comfy seats
Picture doesn't do justice for the warm sunshine and ambiance

The menu is not extensive but there are few burger and taco variations and some side dishes. They also have few vegan burgers and tacos. The burgers and tacos do not come with chips, so I ordered Bun Cha Pork Patty burger, which is their signature menu and Nice Fries (potato, carrots and cauliflower chips).

Bun Cha Burger - Pork patty burger with sauce
Bun Cha Pork Patty burger with sweet sour sauce
Nice Fries with homemade mayonnaise and chilli sauce

Friendly staff here kindly explained the menus and how to eat the burger. She advised to try a bite of the burger first and then try the sweet and sour sauce. The burger was heavy in weight with the big chunk of pork patty, veggies and fried bún noodle. Without dipping in the sauce, the burger itself had perfect seasoning and there was a good variety of flavours and textures.

The meat patty was soft and tender with subtle sweet flavour, papaya salad / pickle was refreshing and fried bun noodle at the bottom was a nice little surprise and addition of crispiness. Having that homemade sweet and sour sauce was great because dipping in the sauce gave a whole new flavour to the burger. 

The burger was absolutely satisfying and I was really surprised to see how well of a fusion made the burger was with the Vietnamese and western ingredients all playing their parts in perfect harmony.

Then the Nice Fries, were really yummy. Potato chips were extremely crispy and the carrots and cauliflower were soft and sweet. That homemade mayonnaise was so delicious and almost yoghurt like. 

Honestly, the burger and fries were a huge portion, but I could not resist finishing them all because every bite was too good to say no.

There were other types of chips and fried sides as well as fresh salads and super tempting dessert menus. So for sure, I’ll be back again to try other menus in the future and I also highly recommend this place to all of you looking for a good promising burger meal! 

Address: 43B Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Everyday 07:30 – 23:30 

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