Cai Mam Restaurant For Authentic and Delicious Vietnamese Homemade Meal in Hanoi Old Quarter

I recently discovered a new restaurant in the Old Quarter that serves truly authentic local home food. It is a small narrow restaurant that can be easily missed even if you pass the street many times, but if you have the address, it’s super easy to access and find as it’s not hidden behind any building.

From the exterior, the restaurant seemed like an ordinary restaurant with waiters trying to invite pedestrians to come in. However, the moment I stepped inside, I was wowed to see the round tray and dome-shaped bamboo basket placed on each table. 

Round tray and bamboo basket cover
Cute little bowls under the bamboo basket

The round tray / platter is commonly used in Vietnamese homes especially in the country and it is equivalent to dining tables because majority of local people dine on the floor. The restaurant is named after the Vietnamese name for this tray, which is called mâm. I have always been served a feast of delectable dishes on this tray every time I visit my friends’ homes, so seeing this in the Old Quarter was so exciting and almost promising! 

This was one of the meals I had at my friend's hometown
Wall decorated with old and antique trays
Absolutely cosy atmosphere to enjoy amazing food

The restaurant is thoughtfully designed with details of antique objects and paintings on the walls. There’s quite a good range of menus and the price range is more affordable than some other restaurants with similar concept and menus. I was here with quite a big group of friends and so we had the luxury of ordering almost everything on the menu.

Cai Mam restaurant - Pho Cuon Beef
Fresh pho spring roll is a great starter!
Deep fried spring roll is so crispy and yummy
Stir-fried morning glory is so fresh and just delectable
Roasted duck with pineapple
Chả cá - fried fish wrap with bun noodle and veggies
Two flat bamboo sticks are traditional tools for serving rice

There were many more dishes we ordered, but I couldn’t get a picture because all of us were dying to dive right in. All of us really enjoyed each and every dish served here and my Vietnamese friends said the food is really local and reminiscent of traditional Vietnamese meals.

I have been to quite a few Vietnamese authentic cuisine type of restaurants in Hanoi and this restaurant ranks on top for the ambiance, food, price and the friendly staff who were super sweet and kind. I’d definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for a highly satisfying meal and a true local experience.

Cái Mâm Restaurant

Address: 07 Lương Văn Can, Hàng Gai, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Everyday 10:30 – 22:00

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