Chilled Dinner and Night Out at The Fat Pig at Hanoi West Lake

Here’s an awesome restaurant / bar in the expat zone of Hanoi in West Lake area! Called The Fat Pig! I recently visited here for the first time with a group of friends and I loved everything about this place. 

Firstly, here’s a short introduction about the area. West lake is a really huge lake, the biggest in Hanoi. I love West lake so much because the vast horizon of the lake immediately gives me calmness. There’s also a nice pedestrian along the lake, which is why I included it as one of the Top 5 Places for a Stroll in Hanoi

More specifically, Xuan Dieu area of West Lake is the hub for expats living in Hanoi. Thus, there are lots of western restaurants and bars. It’s a perfect place for hanging out with friends for some good western food and chilled vibe.

I haven’t yet been to many restaurants in this neighbourhood because it feels psychologically far from where I live. But I must introduce you this place I visited!

The Fat Pig - Restaurant and Bar in West Lake Hanoi

The Fat Pig entrance Hanoi West Lake for chilled night out and dinner
The Fat Pig entrance
The Fat Pig Hanoi West Lake view for chilled night out and dinner
West Lake view from their outdoor seats
The Fat Pig Hanoi West Lake for chilled night out and dinner
Its chilled mood is about to set with sunset

The restaurant is located right by the lake. There are outdoor balcony seats as well as few indoor seats. As I expect you’d go here for the view, the outdoor seats are recommended. 

When I was here, the weather was nicely breezy and the temperature was perfect to sit outdoor. So I found it even more enjoyable. My eyes were constantly drawn to the beautiful view of West lake, one of my favourite lakes in Hanoi.

Ooh and I was surprised with how comfy the seats were. The cushions on chairs were super cushy, so I had no trouble sitting here for hours straight. 

Amazing Food and Drinks!

The Fat Pig Hanoi West Quesadilla
Pulled Boar Quesadilla
The Fat Pig Hanoi West nachos
the Fat Pig Nachos

For some snacks prior to dinner, we ordered some nachos and quesadillas. They both came with shredded pulled boar (pork) meat, which was so soft and smooth. Both were certainly great choices to boost up our appetite. 

Some of us ordered Jasmine IPA craft beer, which tasted really jasmine-y and unique. I ordered a glass of Leon De Tarapaca, an Argentinian white wine. It was quite mild and smooth, and I really enjoyed it! Besides, they also have a good range of other drinks (picture of menu at the bottom) to choose from. 

The Fat Pig Hanoi West - chicken satay
Chicken satay skewers with peanut based sauce
The Fat Pig Hanoi West kimchi slaw
Kimchi slaw
The Fat Pig Hanoi West pork ribs
Whole rack of Slow Smoked Ribs

For our main, we went for the whole rack of slow smoked ribs, chicken satay skewers and kimchi slaw on the side. The chicken satay came with this amazing peanut based sauce, which I could not get enough of! It was so yummy.

Our main of the main, the slow smoked ribs were super tender. I think it wasn’t too strongly flavoured with the sauce. So it was perfect to dip in the sauce and have it with pickles. 

Lastly, I was quite excited to see how they blend kimchi flavour (my home flavour) as a slaw, but frankly, I did not taste any kimchi flavour. Still, having it on the side was refreshing and a good balance with the meat.

Drinks and Food Menus

The Fat Pig has a great variety of both drinks and food. I had such an amazing dinner here with my friends. And my favourite part about this place is obviously the location. The view over West lake is really something anyone should go and explore when in Hanoi!

The Fat Pig

Address: 74, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 11:00 – 23:00 Sat & Sun 09:00 – 23:00

**With the Coronavirus situation, they’re now opening from 5PM instead of from the morning***

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