Cinemas to Watch Films / Movies in Hanoi

If you’re travelling or living in Hanoi and you would like to watch a new movie, you can go to one of these cinemas in town. These cinemas provide a high quality movie experience and can be found throughout Hanoi. So check the list below and enjoy your cinema experience in Hanoi!

CGV Cinemas - Top Cinemas in Hanoi

CGV Cinemas Hanoi
Top quality cinema experience from the entrance (source: Vietstock)
CGV Cinemas Hanoi Vincom Long Bien - foody
From 4DX to IMAX, CGV has it all

CGV cinemas are a part of a Korean company and have established a very good reputation throughout Hanoi. They have standard 2D cinemas as well as 3D, 4DX and IMAX in some of the locations. I personally always go to CGVs whenever I want to watch a movie. The service and quality of CGV cinemas in Hanoi are as good as in Korea. So I would always suggest CGV as your number one option.

There are a lot of different locations throughout the city – inside and outside of Old Quarter. You can check their official website for more information on locations, timetables etc. 

Lotte Cinema Keangnam Tower

Lotte Cinema Hanoi Keangnam tower
Lotte Cinema Keangnam tower, Hanoi (source: Vietnam Investment Review)
Lotte Cinema Hanoi Keangnam tower
Lotte cinema (source:Hanoi Local Tour)

Another cinema brand from South Korea is Lotte Cinema. There is one location in Hanoi city and is in Keangnam Tower, the tallest building in town. This tower is located in My Dinh district, far west from Old Quarter. My Dinh area is the more developed and modern district compared to the Old Quarter. It’s also famously known as Korean town because of a large Korean community residing here. If you’re staying in this area or plan to visit for some Korean food, Lotte cinema can be a good option.

Check out the Lotte cinema website for more information.

BHD Star Cinemas

BHD Cinemas Hanoi Pham Ngoc Thach
BHD Star Cineplex (source: Tam long vang)
BHD Cinemas Hanoi Pham Ngoc Thach
BHD Cinemas in Pham Ngoc Thach, Hanoi (source: ChanhToui)

BHD star cinemas are more prominently established in Ho Chi Minh city and there are only two locations in Hanoi. The two locations are in Cau Giay district and Dong Da district, which are both outside of Old Quarter. I have been here once and my experience was alright, but I felt a subtle difference from CGVs. So frankly speaking, I’d recommend CGV or Lotte cinemas over BHD. But it’d be a good option if you’re staying nearby the two locations.

Here’s their official website for more information.

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