Circle Coffee & Bar: A Cosy Hidden Gem Cafe in Old Quarter, Hanoi

Here’s a new cafe in Hanoi I recently discovered on Instagram and visited. As I’m a cafe lover and always seeking for new cafes and especially hidden gems, @hanoihideaway is one of the best IG accounts for inspirations and information. This page is where I found this new hidden gem cafe!

I was in Old Quarter for my favourite bun cha in Hanoi, Bun Cha Hang Quat. And the Circle Coffee & Bar was on my list of ‘to visit’ cafes in town and it is on the same street as the bun cha place. So after an always satisfying lunch at Bun Cha Hang Quat, I visited Circle cafe, which is just across the street from the restaurant. 

Entering a Hidden Gem Cafe in Hanoi

Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi Hidden gem cafe
The entrance is super well hidden from sight (number 49)
Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi Hidden gem cafe
Narrow alley with nice and vivid green walls welcoming you in

The entrance is almost invisible from sight as it is so small and perfectly hidden by shops on both sides. Then I was excited when I saw the narrow alley with vivid green walls leading deep into the building. I have been through some narrow alleys like this but they’re usually super dark, damp and unpleasant to pass through. But this one was a good welcoming sign for me.

Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi Hidden gem cafe
After the long alley, here's a cute little door to the cafe

After a cool breezy walk past the alley, I reached the end of the street between buildings and was greeted by this bright blue door into the cafe. 

Inside Circle Coffee & Bar

Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi cafe
Long seats inside the cafe
Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi cafe
Floating wooden tables and ambient lighting
Circle coffee Hang Quat
Mini stage with musical instruments

As I entered, I was welcomed with a cosy and ambient vibe of the place. On one side, there is a mini stage with piano, guitar and microphone. I thought it was only a cafe but I found out that it is also a bar. They have some alcoholic drinks from cocktails to wine perfect for a chilled evening. I was informed that they used to have regular events with live music, but anyone can volunteer to use the stage as open mic to sing or play 1-2 songs. So it could be a great place to hang out for musicians!

Semi-Outdoor Seats

Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi cafe outdoor
Semi-outdoor seats with bright daylight
Circle coffee Hang Quat
Rustic vibe with greens flooded with sunlight
Circle coffee Hang Quat Hanoi cafe
A little table below the staircase

Past and beside the indoor seats, there’s this beautiful rustic semi-outdoor seats. I was amazed to see how this outdoor area between buildings were transformed with greens, rustic staircases and seats. Tucked away from the streets in the midst of buildings, this place is definitely a true hidden gem cafe in Hanoi.

Circle coffee Hang Quat - banana milkshake
Smoothest and best smoothie I've ever had in Hanoi

I ordered a banana milkshake and it came in a wine glass. I can say it was the best banana milkshake I’ve ever had in Hanoi because it was so soft and smooth. And the flavour was perfect to my liking – not too sour nor too sweet. 

With the bright daylight, comfy vibe and amazing drink, I loved every bit of the experience here at Circle cafe. This place is now added to one of my favourite cafes in Hanoi.

Thus, I highly recommend you to visit this place and perhaps it’s best if you go for bun cha in Bun Cha Hang Quat since it’s on the same street as Circle Coffee & Bar!

Circle Coffee & Bar

Address: 49 Hàng Quạt, Hàng Gai, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 00:00

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