Deep-Fried Spring Roll: Street Food in Old Quarter, Hanoi

Spring roll is a famous Vietnamese dish and a perfect appetiser before any meal. I love having a plate of fresh or deep-fried spring roll at Vietnamese restaurants. But I also think it’s a great daytime snack and street food in Hanoi. Hanoi street food offers a vast variety of different snacks including delectable fried bread, bánh rán. And deep-fried spring roll can’t be missed out from the foodie’s list to try. 

Spring roll is a rice paper roll with a variety of vegetables with minced meat or steamed shrimps. It’s named ‘spring’ roll as the green and colourful veggies resemble the spring season. It can be enjoyed fresh, which is super refreshing or deep-fried. I love both fresh and deep-fried ones. 

In this post, I would like to introduce you this little street food stall for delicious deep-fried spring rolls in Old Quarter, Hanoi. 

Huyen Nem Ran, Hang Be

Hanoi Street food deep-fried spring roll Hang Be
Tiny kitchen on Hang Be street for deep-fried spring rolls
Nem Fried Spring Roll Street stall Hang Be - kitchen on street
Stacks of spring rolls ready to be fried

I think street food culture is one of the most fascinating cultures in Vietnam. Or actually, anywhere in the world! Because it represents life and food of locals. Also, I love how a kitchen can be set up in so many different manners cleverly adopted for street. 

You can find many street food stalls in Hanoi like Huyen Nem Ran (Ms. Huyen’s fried spring roll) shop on Hang Be street. I love this kind of street stalls because I love observing how the food is prepared. And I’m sure it’ll be fun for you to watch too.

Huyen Nem Ran is actually the very first deep-fried spring roll I tried on the street in Hanoi. When I used to travel in Hanoi, this place was where I went for a street food snack time. If you’re exploring the streets of Old Quarter, it’s a fantastic street food stop for you!

Deep-fried Spring Roll

Hanoi Street food deep-fried spring roll Hang Be
Thin crispy layer of rice paper
Hanoi Street food deep-fried spring roll Hang Be
Soft and delicious filling with veggies and probably minced meat

Only 6,000VND for one, Ms. Huyen’s deep-fried spring roll is just delicious. You can see that the spring rolls are constantly prepared and fried on the spot. So it’s usually served hot. And thus the texture is crispy, soft and just perfect. 

The soft filling is filled with chopped veggies and probably minced meat. It’s a great nibble to enjoy while walking around and exploring the historical streets of Hanoi. 

Huyen Nem Ran

Address: 21 Hàng Bè, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00

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