Delectable Snails, Seafood and Half-hatched Eggs by a Lake in Hanoi

Having snails is one of evening or late-night snacks and meals that local Vietnamese people enjoy. Snails is called ốc in Vietnamese and you’ll be able to spot quite some oc restaurants all around the city. Previously, I posted a list of the top snail restaurants in Hanoi in and out of Old Quarter. In this post, I will introduce a restaurant in my neighbourhood with delectable snails, seafood dishes and special eggs that I consider one of the top in Hanoi.

Ho Ba Mau Lake

Oc Ho Ba Mau Hanoi Snail restaurant
Simple restaurant on street
Oc Ho Ba Mau Hanoi Snail restaurant - seats by lake
Lakeside location is perfect for view and atmosphere

I found this snail restaurant several months ago while having a nice stroll around Ho Ba Mau lake. It is located by the lake and sets up tables right by the lakeside. I love the view and the atmosphere especially when it’s breezy and cool and all the locals are out for a walk or street tea time in the evening. I used to go to restaurants listed in the best places for snails in Hanoi post. But since I found this new place, it became my go-to place for snails. 

Ho Ba Mau lake is a beautiful lake in a local neighbourhood. It’s not too far from the Old Quarter (about 10 minutes by motorbike) and it’s right across Thong Nhat park. I highly recommend Thong Nhat park for a stroll since it’s a lovely getaway from Hanoi’s bustling traffic. So a visit to Ho Ba Mau lake is also recommended to explore a peaceful local area of Hanoi and for amazing snails!  

Snails, Seafood and More!

Oc snail restaurant Ho Ba Mau - snails dish
Snails with tamarind sauce topped with chopped lemongrass
Oc snail restaurant Ho Ba Mau - sauce
Sweet sour fish sauce and pickled fig
Oc Ho Ba Mau Hanoi Snail restaurant - stir fried vermicelli
Delectable seafood stir-fried vermicelli
Oc snail restaurant Ho Ba Mau - nem ran
Deep-fried Vietnamese sour sausage

This little restaurant has quite a range of menus from several types of snails to seafood dishes. For snail dishes, you can order stir-fried with tamarind sauce or boiled. They also have seafood options like crabs, which I have not yet tried. But their oysters are super fresh and the cheapest I’ve had in Hanoi for 20,000VND/ one. 

One of my favourite dishes here is the stir-fried vermicelli with seafood. So far, this vermicelli dish is my favourite of all in Hanoi. I love the generous amount of bean sprouts and shrimps of this dish and the flavour is just scrumptiously good. I sometimes go here just for this dish when I want a simple and good dinner.

They also have side dishes like nem chua ran, which is deep-fried Vietnamese sour sausage and french fries, etc. I think having one of these sides is always a good addition of variety.

Half-hatched Eggs

Oc snail restaurant Ho Ba Mau - quail eggs
Half-hatched quail egg with tamarind sauce
Oc Ho Ba Mau Hanoi Snail restaurant - half hatched quail egg
Boiled quail eggs
Oc Ho Ba Mau Hanoi Snail restaurant - inside quail egg
This is what half-hatched egg looks like

Other than their amazing snails, vermicelli dish and oysters, they have half-hatched duck and quail eggs. I am still finding it difficult to overcome the visual aspect of this dish. But I’m always trying to give it a try! So perhaps it can be a great foodie experience and maybe a challenge for you too.

You can order these eggs with tamarind sauce or boiled. Some yolks of these eggs are really bouncy and I love that texture. And I think the soup of boiled eggs is pretty tasty. But I must say that some eggs have strong flavour of hatchedness(?) similar to fishy taste, which I’m not so fond of. So I prefer the tamarind sauce to cover up for that flavour.

However, I think I’m slowly acquiring the taste of it and beginning to enjoy it more and more. And one foreign friend of mine is even a big lover of these eggs. So you can give it a try yourself and see if you like it or not! 


One plate of snails 90,000VND

Boiled quail eggs 50,000VND

One oyster 20,000VND

Stir-fried seafood vermicelli 80,000VND

Deep-fried sour sausage 60,000VND

Oc Thanh Nga 

Opening Hours: 15:00 – 00:00

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