Experience a Different View of Night Skyline of Hanoi Old Quarter at JM Marvel Hotel Rooftop Bar

My rooftop expedition in Hanoi keeps expanding with new sky bars and new views of the same Hanoi. I guess I have a thing for rooftop bars and cafes because I get a view on top of Hanoi, get to see the city from a different perspective and more at peace away from the hustle and bustle of its traffic.

In the Old Quarter, the buildings are limited (for heritage reasons) to a certain height, so if we compare to Bangkok – a heaven for sky rooftop bars, the rooftop view here is much closer to the ground and certainly very different and uniquely particular.

So here’s a new place I visited and I’d like to recommend this to you for a different portion of view over the Old Quarter.

This rooftop bar is in JM Marvel Hotel & Spa located beside Hang Da market, which I often pass on the way home from the Old Quarter. I’d noticed the rooftop bar from the streets and that’s how I found out about this place.

I had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and headed up to the rooftop (on the 9th floor) for the view. The bar was smaller than I’d expected, but I was impressed with the simple and neat design of the place and the overall atmosphere.

I was here with my boyfriend and we took the seats by the fence for a view looking down at Hang Da market and the roundabout in front. It was so refreshing and relaxing to admire the night scene of the streets from above because the busy life was at distance from us.

JW Marvel Hotel Rooftop Bar - view
Hang Da market on the bottom left corner and roundabout

I loved the view here because it’s like a mini theatre of a square where motorbikes and cars constantly pass one another while I can sit relaxed and indulged on a rooftop with a drink. 

There are only the two sides of the bar where you can enjoy the view over the streets and not from the middle seats by the fence, so just a word of advice would be to go in a small group (of 3 or 4 maximum) if you’d like to sit and enjoy the view.

9th Floor, JM Marvel Hotel & Spa

Address: 16 Hàng Da, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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