Famous Fried Plain Rice Restaurant in Old Quarter, Hanoi

Along with the infamous pho and bun cha, there’s another dish that locals eat on a regular basis. That is fried rice and every neighbourhood in Hanoi has at least one fried rice restaurant. I have my regular fried rice restaurant in the area where I live. And I love having fried rice for a quick and delicious dinner from time to time.  

I believe fried rice is part of the menu in most restaurants in Old Quarter for travellers too. I guess it’s because it’s just an easy and almost never failing menu. So in this post, I will introduce you a restaurant in the centre of Old Quarter in Hanoi famous for fried rice!

Special Fried Rice?

Hanoi fried rice Ma May restaurants
Brightly shining signs of fried rice restaurants
Hanoi Fried Rice Com Rang Trang Ma May - kitchen
White fried rice is what's special about this restaurant
Hanoi fried rice Com Rang Trang Ma May - seats
This is the corner I sat - Ba Dung Com Rang Trang 38 Ma May

A couple of months ago, I heard about a restaurant in the Old Quarter well-known for fried rice. At first, I was quite bewildered and amused that this very common dish could be ‘famous’ in Hanoi’s busiest centre. I heard that this restaurant is famous because it is plain white fried rice. 

Usually, most fried rice restaurants in Hanoi fry the plain rice with egg, so the rice is yellow. But here in this restaurant they cook fried rice with plain rice. Therefore the restaurant is called Com Rang Trang, meaning white (trang) fried rice (com rang). 

So I went to try the plain white fried rice. The entire junction of Ma May street where the restaurant is was full of tables. I noticed that they all have the same address. Therefore, when my boyfriend and I arrived, we sat in one corner of the junction. 

While we were waiting for our food, we realised that the other corner with the same name and address was not the same restaurant as we were sitting. I believe there are two of the same ‘Com Rang Trang 38 Ma May” because they are both in the same building, but with separate kitchens and teams of staff. Frankly, I could not tell which one is original. And this is quite common in Hanoi, for instance the bit tet (beefsteak) street on Hoe Nhai.


Hanoi plain white fried rice Com Rang Trang Ma May - menu 1
First page of fried rice menu
Hanoi plain white fried rice Com Rang Trang Ma May - menu 2
More fried rice options and noodles

Of course, their main menu is fried rice with plain rice, so there is quite a good variety of fried rice to choose from. I can say that they have the most extensive fried rice options in all places I’ve been to in Hanoi. Although they have the pictures (probably from the Internet) that look just like the common yellow fried rice, their fried rice is not the same since they use white plain rice. 

I was surprised to see that they have a whole lot of other choices other than fried rice. From many side dishes such as vegetables to even hotpot. 

Fried Rice and Fried Sweet Corn

Hanoi Com Rang Trang Ma May - white fried rice with pork ribs
White fried rice with sweet & sour pork ribs and sour cabbage
Hanoi Com Rang Trang Ma May - seafood fried rice
Seafood white fried rice
Com Rang Trang Ma May - fried sweetcorn
Deep-fried sweet corn on the side

I ordered fried rice with sweet & sour pork ribs and it was served separately from the rice. It was my first time trying plain rice fried and I actually quite enjoyed the texture. It was fried with oil, but not overly greasy and I especially liked the crispy texture of some part of rice. And of course, sweet and sour pork can never really fail me. 

Usually, I am not a big fan of the sour cabbage because the strong sourness can overtake the whole flavour of the meal. But the cabbage here was not as strong and almost crunchy that it was a good additional of texture with the rice and the pork. 

The seafood fried rice that my boyfriend ordered was not as ‘white’ as mine since it was mixed with the ingredients. But it did look good when it was served and also tasted yummy too. 

While the fried rice dishes were quite satisfactory for both of us, I have to mention the sweet corn! We ordered a dish of deep-fried sweet corn on the side and it was so crispy and super delicious. If you go this restaurant or even any place in the beer street, I highly recommend you try this dish!

In conclusion, I think Com Rang Trang is a good option for you if you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable dinner in the Old Quarter. I personally think it’s better to have fried rice in this restaurant than to order it in another restaurant where fried rice is not the main. Also, I think fried rice can hardly fail anyone and trying plain white fried rice can be quite a special meal to try when you’re in Hanoi.

38 Com Rang Trang

Address: 38 Phố Mã Mây, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Open: 24 Hours

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