Famous Local Tra Chanh Cafe in Old Quarter, Hanoi

Along with well-known lime tea shops right next to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu is also a famous lime tea cafe in Hanoi. Lime tea or lime juice is one of the most loved drinks amongst locals and is definitely a must-try for all. I love having lime tea anytime of the day and season, but it’s especially perfect for hot summer days. It’s a refreshing drink with sweet and limey flavour. 

But it’s not only about the amazing drink, it’s also an opportunity to sit amongst locals and take in the Hanoian vibe. That’s why I’d like to recommend you this famous lime tea shop in Old Quarter, Hanoi for an awesome experience.

Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu

Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu Lime Tea Old Quarter Hanoi - shopfront
Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu with seats on the street
Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu Lime Tea Old Quarter Hanoi - circle k
Mix of old and new
Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu Lime Tea Old Quarter Hanoi - view
Another portion of the view from Tra Chanh 24 Dao Duy Tu

There are two separate blocks of the same shop – one on 24 Dao Duy Tu and 30-50 Dao Duy Tu. The 24 Dao Duy Tu is right beside one of the busiest intersections in Old Quarter and opposite to Circle K convenience store. And the other is few metres away on the same street. 

I always noticed how packed this shop is every time I passed by. And like my favourite local cafe in this area, Ta Hien Cafe, it’s always filled with locals and probably 100% locals only. Which is one of the aspects I love about this cafe.

Honestly, the view is not the most fascinating in terms of what’s across the street like Circle K, but the highlight is to people-watch. As it’s on a busy street, I love observing and taking in the life going on the streets. 

Lime Tea and More

Tra Chanh dao duy tu lime tea Hanoi - Insta stalker
Refreshing lime tea and che desserts (source: Insta stalker)
Tra Chanh Dao Duy Tu Lime Tea Old Quarter Hanoi - taro che 1
Mini tapioca pearls and taro che

As the shop is called Tra Chanh, which means lime tea, lime tea is the main. It is super delightful and perfectly thirst-quenching. But the shop also offers a good variety of drinks and Vietnamese dessert called che.

So far, I’ve tried peach tea and tapioca pearl taro che and they were both very enjoyable. In fact, I really liked the taro che with little pearls and red jellies. So along with my other two recommendations for che, I recommend this place for your Vietnamese dessert trial. 

Tra Tranh Dao Duy Tu

Address: 30-50 Đào Duy Từ, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:45

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