Food Street behind Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi

There is a food street behind Dong Xuan Market in the Old Quarter, Hanoi. A perfect place for all foodies to explore for a great variety of local dishes. From Hanoian classics to other regional Vietnamese dishes, there’s so many options to choose from!

Dong Xuan Food Street, Hanoi

Food street on Dong Xuan street Hanoi Old Quarter
Ngo Dong Xuan alley from Hang Chieu street
Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi
Food stalls along the entire alley
Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - food stalls
Each food stall selling different menus
Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - food stalls 2
Lively with many locals out here for lunch

Ngo Dong Xuan is a small alley near Dong Xuan market. No more than 100m, this short street is full of food stalls. You can enter this alley from either Cau Dong street right beside the Dong Xuan market or from Hang Chieu street. 

I was amazed with the variety of Vietnamese dishes sold in this small alley. I walked past through the alley to discover all kinds of options available here. Along the street, these food stalls cover a lot of Vietnamese dishes from Hanoi’s famous dish, bun cha to other regional dishes like Hu Tieu and many more.

Bun Cha at Ngo Dong Xuan

Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - grill kitchen
Lady grilling bun cha in the corner of the stall
Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - bun cha grill
Grilling pork skewers on charcoal
Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - grilled bun cha
Delectable looking pork for bun cha

On my first visit to Ngo Dong Xuan, I decided to have bun cha at one of the stalls. As soon as I ordered, the lady began grilling the pork skewer on charcoal. Bun cha was served with a generous portion of meat and a huge bowl of fresh green leaves. I really enjoyed the bun cha here as well as the whole atmosphere of the food street. 

On the side, I ordered a glass of sweetcorn milk, which was a delight. I was quite happy with the combination of this drink with bun cha. The orange juice my boyfriend ordered was freshly squeezed and was super refreshing.

Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - bun cha
Yummy bun cha and a bowl full of fresh greens
Ngo Dong Xuan Alley Food street Hanoi - sweetcorn milk
Another highlight of the meal was this sweetcorn milk!

My first time here at Ngo Dong Xuan was great and I loved the food as well as the whole experience. There were so many other dishes like pho cuon (fresh pho spring roll), Hu Tieu (a type of rice noodle soup), che (Vietnamese dessert) and so on. So I’ll be back to try some other dishes in the future!

One of my favourite kind of dining experiences is definitely local market food stalls. That’s because I feel deeply connected to the local culture and people. Also, it’s no doubt that street food in Hanoi is a must for all foodies. I’m sure this small food street can serve you well for a meal. With a good range of choices for you, it can be a heavenly spot for an amazing local dining experience! 

Ngo Dong Xuan (Dong Xuan Alley)

Address: Ngõ Đồng Xuân, Đồng Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Varies but mostly open from morning until late afternoon

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