Grilled Duck with Galangal Spice in Hanoi: Add to Foodie’s Journey

I wrote about this very special grilled duck at Don Duck restaurant to try in Hanoi. It’s a unique dish that is not as commonly or widely known as Hanoi’s famous pho and bun cha, but an absolute delight to try. And Don Duck restaurant has been the one and only place I’d known and been to for this dish. Until recently!

Then I saw a post on Instagram from a local foodie account and it was another restaurant in Hanoi selling this very dish. So I went immediately to check out the restaurant.

FoodyHanoi Instagram post - grilled duck Huyen Anh
This post got me pumped!

Huyen Anh Restaurant

Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - restaurant front
Huyen Anh Duck restaurant front
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - restaurant 1
Small and local
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - restaurant 2
Another block of the same restaurant
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - kitchen
Kitchen area
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - old aircon
Super old aircon above the kitchen
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - storage corner
Storage corner with a cool staircase

Huyen Anh restaurant is located in Hai Ba Trung district down south from Hoan Kiem lake. And the restaurant is small, local and very simple, which is something I really love and appreciate.

The rustic and old bits of the restaurant do not indicate the most hygienic environment, but that’s kind of part of local Vietnamese dining scene. So I think it’s a great local dining experience.

Grilled Duck with Galangal Spice

Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - grill 2
Delicious grilled duck with galangal spice and onion
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - bamboo shoot soup
Fermented bamboo shoot soup
Huyen Anh Grilled Duck Hanoi - bamboo shoot and blood pudding
Bamboo shoot and blood pudding

Duck meat marinated with galangal spice was served on the grill pan along with fresh bun noodle and a bowl of bamboo shoot soup. I was happy that the portion of the duck was super generous and topped with lots of fresh onion. The flavour of galangal is something very unique and goes super well with duck meat.

It tasted almost the same as in Don Duck restaurant, but the differences were that here they put some garlic chunks in the grill and served it with bamboo shoot soup. The meat was soft and chewy, which I really liked. Also, the fish sauce was a very good addition to enrich the flavour.

I usually love bamboo shoots for its soft and juicy texture, but Vietnamese bamboo shoots are fermented and have a very strong smell which I’m not a huge fan of. So I usually skip the bamboo shoots in Vietnam. Hence, I believe it could be somewhat challenging to overcome the strong aroma of it for some of you too. 

But the bamboo shoots here were not bad at all like most other places. There’s still that distinct aroma of fermentation, but it was subtle and quite enjoyable. So surprisingly, I ended up eating a lot of it because I really enjoyed it. 

In conclusion, I’m really happy to have found another great restaurant to have grilled duck with galangal in Hanoi. Although the grilled duck itself is yummy in both of the restaurants I’ve been to, I like the extra bonuses like the bamboo shoot and fish sauce here. 

So if you want to try this dish, you can visit Huyen Anh restaurant and enjoy a lovely local dining experience!

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Huyen Anh restaurant

Address: 39 Nguyễn Du, Bùi Thị Xuân, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00

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