Hanoi Apartment and Room Rent Search Sites and Facebook Pages

If you’re moving to Hanoi and looking for the perfect room, house, apartment or even villas to rent, you will need to invest quite sometime to do your research. To start from scratch, it can take a lot of time to even find which website or page is legit and suited for you.

There are tons and tons of options for all kinds of criteria. From really local (basic and mostly low standard) rooms to serviced apartments, the housing market in Hanoi is vast. 

The expat community is big here. Thus, if you type ‘Hanoi house / apartment / room rent’ on Google, you’ll get a big list of different sites in English and targeted to expats. I have spent a lot of time on scrolling through pages after pages of different websites. Then I realised most of the listings overlap from one site to another. Also, I find some Facebook pages very useful too and targeted to a different group of expats. 

So, I’d like to give you a head start with some recommendations. The list is of sites I find most useful and organised and Facebook groups mostly used by expats. You can check out the list and find out where to begin your search depending on your requirements.


These three websites are all available in English as well as some other languages like Japanese, Korean etc. These house rent search sites are mostly targeted to expats looking for higher-end options. Therefore, they have some fantastic and luxurious listings of studios, serviced apartments, and even villas. 

I find using professional websites as these so useful because they all offer filter options for search results. It saves you time if you know exactly what you’re looking for. And the customer service is professional from search to meeting up for house visits. 

You might already know which district in Hanoi you would like to rent your place. But in case you’d like to know which district is perfect for you, I advise you to learn about the different areas of Hanoi. Check out the post, Hanoi Districts Explained for the information. 

Hanoi Housing

Hanoi Housing website - room apartment house rent

Hanoi Housing website is a very well organised house rent search site available in many languages. I personally like this site most out of the three websites in the list because of its ease of use on mobile phone. I have also met with an agent for house visits and it was a very helpful and pleasant experience. The agent who showed me around the listings was fluent in English, friendly and super good with follow up.

Website: https://hanoihousing.vn/en/default.html

Westlake Housing

Westlake Housing Group website

Westlake Housing is another great website offering ease of search experience. I’d say it’s my second favourite website I have found and been to. The listing is huge just like the other two websites. Most of the listings have clean and professional photos. 

Website: https://westlakehousing.vn/

Vietnam Home

Vietnam Home website

Here’s another high quality and easy-to-navigate website for your house rent search. Just as the other two, it has a huge number of listings in all areas of Hanoi. So you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

As mentioned in the intro, if you go through 2 to 3 websites and more, you’ll recognise that the listings are mostly the same. So you can pick 1 – 2 from this list and you won’t miss out much, if any, on options.

Website: https://hanoivietnamhome.com/

Facebook Pages

I have taken a great advantage of these page groups searching for places to rent in Hanoi. And the posts are extensively uploaded from many real estate agents. Hence, plenty of choices for you to explore. 

I think Facebook pages or groups are more catered to expats looking for shared houses or rooms. Therefore, I see a lot of listings mainly located in Tay Ho district (a.k.a. expat district). But they’re not limited to share houses nor to Tay Ho district. So you can definitely take an advantage of these groups on Facebook.

Hanoi Massive Housing

I believe it is the number one and most common Facebook group for all expats to look for houses or rooms to rent in Hanoi. I think it was the very first housing group I joined and continuously used to discover different properties to rent. So go check out this page and see if they have any great offers suited to you. 

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1703848526554677/

Community size: 33k

Hanoi Rent/Buy/Sell a room/house/apartment/flat/accommodation

Another English-based Facebook group for house / room rent in Hanoi is this page named super duper long. It’s not as big as Hanoi Massive Housing group, but its uploads are frequent and thus a good deal of options.

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hanoi.rent.room.house.apartment.flat.accommodation/

Community size: 9.3k 

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