Hanoi Restaurant for Pork Intestines and Egg Fried Pho

Here’s another restaurant in Hanoi to add to your travel itinerary! I’m not exaggerating when I say Hanoi is a foodie heaven because there are so many amazing restaurants in Hanoi to explode your taste buds. If you’re a passionate food lover, I highly recommend you check out my Complete Foodie Guide in Hanoi for many delectable dishes you must try. I’ve included the most classic top recommendations as well as some exotic dishes in it. 

In the list of some exotic “challenging foods” you might want to try, is pork intestines. You might have never heard of pork intestines in a culinary context. But it is one of my favourite dishes in Vietnam. I love the chewy texture and I just can’t get enough of it! Actually, I have a go-to place for pork intestines and that is my favourite pork intestines restaurant in Hanoi and it used to be the only one.

However, I recently discovered a new restaurant in Hanoi that has equally amazing and yummy pork intestines! And it is on the same street as my favourite pork intestines restaurant.

My new favourite restaurant in Hanoi!

A friend of mine who used to live in Hanoi few years ago was back in town for a visit. He wanted to eat his favourite dish, which is pork intestines with sour cabbage. So the night he arrived, we were looking for a place to eat that. However, we didn’t have any luck, so we ended up going to a random restaurant selling stir-fried pork intestines.

Pork intestines restaurant Long Xao on Nguyen Sieu street
The restaurant just before opening (when I visited the second time around 7PM)
Long Xao Intestines Nguyen Sieu - kitchen
Outdoor kitchen hustling with lots and lots of orders

It was around 10 o’clock in the evening and this restaurant was packed and I think we got the last table available. As none of us had any idea what dishes they have, we looked around other tables and ordered the same thing. I saw most people eating a flat pancake looking dish and it looked so good. So we ordered stir-fried pork intestines and the pancake looking dish, which was egg fried pho noodle.

Dishes we ordered

Long Xao Intestines Nguyen Sieu - intestines and egg fried pho
A massive bowl of intestines (portion for 4 people) and fried pho with egg
Long Xao Intestines Nguyen Sieu - Fried pho noodle with egg
Crispy fried pho noodle with egg

When we got the food and tried it, all of us were immediately in love with it. As I mentioned earlier, I love pork intestines and I go out for this dish regularly. However, the intestines here were very different. The texture was almost crispy and the sauce was scrumptious. I felt like I was taken to a next level of intestines. 

We were four people and the portion was massive. It was supposed to be a late night light meal to have over some beer. And we were not that hungry at all. But it was too good to resist until we saw the bottom of the bowl pretty soon. 

The delicious sauce of stir-fried pork intestines was slightly greasy but dipping in the soy sauce and having a bite of cucumber pickles were a perfect harmony.

One of the reasons why I love getting lost at times is exactly this. I love stumbling upon hidden gems like this one! I mean it wasn’t hidden from me because it is located on the same street as my original favourite intestines place. Yet, I hadn’t noticed it until then. Also, even if I did, I might not have tried it because I wouldn’t have been able to resist going to my go-to restaurant. 

How much was it?

For the huge portion for 4 people, it was about 90,000VND per person. 

Then my boyfriend and I went back again couple of days ago just after Lunar New Year because we couldn’t stop thinking about it. We ordered 1 portion of stir-fried mixed intestines (with kidney, heart and more) and 1 portion with just intestines. And of course, the incredibly delicious egg fried pho. 

So here’s the thing I’m slightly confused about is that the second time I went, it was 110,000VND per plate (portion) and fried pho was 35,000VND. During first week of Lunar New Year, almost all places increase their price. So I’m guessing that we paid a higher price this time because of it. However, I’m not 100% certain about it. Maybe it wasn’t a portion for 4, but 3 when we first went and that’d be roughly around 110k per portion. But one thing I know is that it won’t be more than 110,000VND per plate.

Long Xao Intestines Nguyen Sieu - intestines
Stir-fried only intestines dish - portion for 1
Long Xao Intestines Nguyen Sieu - mixed intestines
Mixed stir-fried intestines with kidney, heart etc - portion for 1

I’m so happy that I found a new favourite restaurant in town added to my list of best restaurants in Hanoi. If you love pork intestines or want to give it a try, I recommend this very local restaurant. They not only have amazing intestines, but the egg fried pho is something you definitely want to try!

Here’s a video you can watch to see the restaurant.

Phở Rán Lòng Xào Nguyễn Siêu

Address: 10 Nguyễn Siêu, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: From around 7PM

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