Highly Recommended Airbnb Accommodation in Da Nang – Amazing location, Stunning View and Great Value for Money

Last week, I visited Da Nang to attend a friend’s wedding with a group of friends. Since we were four people and wanted to have a common area to have a drink and chill together, we decided to book an accommodation through Airbnb.

There are a ton of hosts on Airbnb nearby My Khe beach and many of them at really reasonable prices. We found quite a number of two-bedroom apartments for price range between 30 – 50 USD per night. That is 7 – 13 USD per person per night, which is a great deal compared to booking a hotel room.

Our first booking was cancelled about a week before our departure due to maintenance reason, so we booked another two-bedroom apartment in the beach area. It was a listing with great reviews from previous guests and the pictures looked very promising especially the view over the beach from the apartment balcony. 

Picture of the view from the balcony (source: Airbnb)

Unlike many of my previous Airbnb experiences across Europe and some other countries in Asia, I think quite a lot of Airbnb in Vietnam is managed by a company rather than a private house owner. This one was also an organised hosting with staff working in an office of the apartment building to assist with guests during the stay.

Their usual shift is from 7AM to 11PM, but since our arrival was around midnight, the host was kind enough to extend their work to welcome us and help us with check-in. There are 24-hour supermarkets in every corner, next to one another outside of the apartment building. So it was very convenient to buy late-night snacks or necessities.

Our apartment was on the 35th floor and when we stepped into the house, we were welcomed to the stunning night view over the My Khe beach on the right, cityscape in the middle and the famous Dragon bridge on the far left. 

This view welcomed us upon check-in
Living room with sofa, table and big fridge
The two bedrooms are almost identical except that one has the beachside view

The house was clean and modern and exactly the same as in the pictures on Airbnb. As it was more a company-organised accommodation, the fridge was filled with chargeable drinks as well as cup noodles to enjoy at convenience.

We had quite a tight schedule to attend several wedding events while in Da Nang, but this house offered us to enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony while having a beer after a long day and chat together with friends to end the day in style.

Long stretch of My Khe beach
On the far left, you can see the yellow Dragon bridge on the Han river

The apartment building is actually a residential building part of a Vietnamese hotel brand, Muong Thanh. So the Muong Thanh hotel was attached to the apartment and just across from the beach. It is only 2 minutes to the beach from the apartment, so it was perfect to go for a late-night walk to enjoy the sea breeze, clear sky filled with stars and relaxing sounds of the waves of My Khe beach. 

What about a cold can of beer while the city and beach are painted with sunset?

The hosts were very responsive and assisted with any requests or questions we had. So everything went smoothly and we were all very happy with our choice.

For check-out, we had to catch an early morning flight before the Airbnb staff started their work, so the staff came the day before to check the towels and minibar and we could just leave the key to security guard at the reception desk when we left.

There are many famous hotels in Da Nang with infinity pool overlooking the beach, but I’d say staying in this Airbnb is a great value for money for its astonishing view, location and hospitable staff.

Airbnb Listing: Daisy 35aVIP – Ocean View (click link)  

Price per night: Approx. 40 USD / night

Address: 51 Trần Bạch Đằng, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

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