Hotpot Buffet on Conveyor Belt, Kichi Kichi in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and More

All-you-can-eat buffet for hotpot in Vietnam can be an amazing meal to try while travelling here. After my recent delivery service experience of hotpot from Kichi Kichi, I went to one of its restaurants in Hanoi. Kichi Kichi is not an ordinary hotpot buffet restaurant but the buffet is on conveyor belt. That means you can sit at your table and pick the dishes off the conveyor belt to put in your hotpot.

I think this is one of a kind for hotpot experience in Hanoi or any other cities in Vietnam, so I’d like to share my experience with you.

Kichi Kichi Hotpot in Hanoi

Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - private table seats
Private table seats by the conveyor belt
Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - high stool seats
Long high stool table in front of the conveyor belt
Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - individual pot
Individual pot at the long stool seats
Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - individual pot temperature control
Individual temperature control for your pot

The restaurant I went to had two types of seats – a long table with high stools facing the conveyor belt and private tables beside the conveyor belt. Each seat at the high stool table facing the conveyor belt has an individual pot. Whereas the private table has one pot to share with your group. 

I took a seat at the high stool, so we each had our own mini hotpot. I think it’s a very unique feature since hotpot is commonly enjoyed in one big pot shared with others, which I love. But I loved having my own mini hotpot! And each has the controller to control the temperature of your own hotpot.

Buffet of Hotpot

Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - conveyor belt
All these plates within your reach to be picked up
Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - complimentary 3-tier plate meat
Complimentary three-tiered plate stand of meat and sides
Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - individual pot and conveyor belt
This is what your dining experience is like at Kichi Kichi
Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - individual pot 2
My mini pot is boiling perfectly

There are two types of soups – Thai soup and mushroom soup you can choose from. So I went for the Thai soup as I really enjoyed it when I ordered home delivery. But the soup did not taste exactly the same as when it was delivered although it was still good.

Before we began, we were served a complimentary extra plate of meat and a plate of shrimps, fish cake and salmon on a three-tiered plate stand. Which I think is super cool. All the ingredients on the complimentary plates were available on the belt, but it was a really nice touch to serve a big plate of meat. 

With my mini hotpot all nicely set up in front of me, I was free to pick up plates of ingredients from the conveyor belt. There was a good range of different ingredients from meat, fish balls, salmon, to vegetables. The meat quality of beef belly was good. It was soft and perfectly marbled with fat and meat.

If there was some ingredient that you do not see on the conveyor belt for a while, you can ask the staff for it then they serve you at your table. Also, they offer dessert menu at the end of the meal. So once you’re done with your hotpot, you can finish up the meal with the dessert.


Kichi Kichi hotpot buffet restaurant - price

The buffet price for a weekday lunch is 209,000VND per person and for weekday dinner and weekend lunch and dinner it is 249,000VND per person. 

I had a really full and satisfying meal here. Kichi Kichi has served me well for both delivery and in-restaurant experiences. And I really like the restaurant concept! I think it’s a unique hotpot experience and it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to have your own mini hotpot and a moving buffet of ingredients on conveyor belt!

Kichi Kichi Hanoi

Kichi Kichi Ho Chi Minh

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