Huge Famous Seafood Restaurant in Quy Nhon City

Quy Nhon city in central Vietnam is home for some of the best beaches in the country as well as a heaven for seafood lovers. There is an abundant number of restaurants to try their local fresh seafood. One of which is this huge 4-storey building restaurant in Quy Nhon city centre by the beach. Kim Ngan restaurant is a famous restaurant perfect for a big feast of seafood!

Kim Ngan Restaurant, Quy Nhon city

Quy Nhon city seafood restaurant block
This building block including Kim Ngan is a popular collection of restaurants
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - grill station
Charcoal grill station at the entrance
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - seafood
Fresh fresh seafood
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant
Ground floor of Kim Ngan restaurant

We were recommended Kim Ngan restaurant for a seafood dinner in Quy Nhon city by our hotel receptionist. We passed this road several times during our stay in Quy Nhon and noticed that this block of restaurants was always packed with customers even when other restaurants are deserted.

When we arrived around 7PM for dinner, the restaurant was so full that it was chaotic. But that hectic vibe was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of. With guests continuing to come in and staff running around taking orders, it was quite a show to enjoy.

Despite its huge space that can probably accommodate at least a couple of hundreds of guests, we felt lucky to have a table for the two of us. We wished we could sit by the window upstairs, but that was impossible unless we’d gone much earlier or made a reservation.

So we sat by the grill kitchen in front of the restaurant on the street. And thus it was a great spot to watch people choosing seafood from the buckets, ladies grilling on one side and really take in the active scene of Kim Ngan restaurant. I really enjoyed the hectic scene, but if you wouldn’t feel too comfortable with such atmosphere, I advise you to go for lunch or later than 8PM for dinner.

Feast of Seafood Dishes

Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - boiled clams
Steamed blood clams for starter
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - grilled shellfish
Grilled clams with spring onion and peanuts
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - fish soup
Sour flavoured soup with white fish and taro stems
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - steamed crab
Steamed crab
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - grilled fish
Grilled cá dìa called Rabbitfish (Siganus)
Quy Nhon city seafood Kim Ngan restaurant - seafood feast
Huge feast for two 🙂

I like to order a good variety of dishes to try in a new restaurant. And with so many options, I was very excited! Plus, because we sat right beside the charcoal grill station, we saw lots of different delicious looking dishes being cooked. And a lot of them were too tempting to resist ordering. So we ended up ordering way more than we could eat, but I’m still happy to have tried all that I ordered. 

Steamed blood clams were a great choice for a starter. Then the bigger clams grilled with oil and spring onion topped with peanuts and fried garlic were another delectable side dish. The fish soup was so generously provided with a lot of fish and taro stems, which I love. I personally did not like the sour flavour of the soup very much, but my boyfriend really loved it.

Then for the mains, we had a steamed crab, and grilled fish called cá dìa, which is Rabbitfish in English (scientific name is siganus). My favourite was the grilled fish, which is served with rice paper and a lot of fresh vegetables for wrap. Extremely tender and juicy fish grilled with some oil and spring onion wrapped with herbs, lettuce and green mango was just so delectable!

Menu & Price

Other than the yummy dishes we tried at Kim Ngan restaurant, there is a lot more on the menu. Although they do not have English names, there are some pictures of dishes. Also, my method of ordering if I do not understand the language is always to observe what others are having and ask to have whatever looks yum. 

One thing amazing about Quy Nhon is that everything is so cheap. For this big feast of seafood, our bill was 998,000VND (about 43USD). Since we ordered more than we could eat, I’d say that it’d be less if you order moderate amount. Check out the details of our bill:

Blood clams (500g) 120,000VND

Grilled clams (1kg) 250,000VND 

*We didn’t specify how much of the grilled clams we wanted, so they gave us one kilo of them, which was way too much. But you can order a smaller quantity.*

Crab (440g) 286,000VND

Fish soup with rice 90,000VND

Rabbitfish (400g) 140,000

Drinks (5 beer & 1 soft drink) 112,000VND

My dinner at Kim Ngan restaurant was one of the best I had in Quy Nhon. I loved the food, the atmosphere and the entire experience. So if you’re looking for a good place to enjoy a seafood meal in a local environment, this restaurant should definitely be on your Quy Nhon restaurant list!

Kim Ngan Restaurant

Address: 154 Xuân Diệu, Trần Phú, Thành phố Qui Nhơn, Bình Định, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 00:00

*Official opening hours say it’s open until midnight, but the ladies in the grill kitchen said they usually open until 2-3AM*


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