Indulge Yourself with Luxurious and Exceptional Dinner at Akira Back, JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi – Modern Japanese Cuisine created by Michelin Star Chef

Vietnam is an awesome travel destination for passionate foodies and even better to live in to try all the beautiful delicacies and specialities of Vietnamese cuisine. While there are countless local dishes to try, there’s also a wonderful chance for you to visit one of the world’s renowned restaurants in Hanoi.

Akira Back is a Michelin Star chef notoriously known for his bold creations of Asian dishes infused with world’s influences. Chef Back was born in Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado. His earlier career was a professional snowboarder and he found a similar exhilarating passion in kitchens where he worked to earn for his living. 

His culinary creations are based on his unique background and interpretations to bring an adventure to diners through his dishes and finest dining experience. There are currently sixteen restaurants around the world from the U.S. to Hanoi. 

Akira Back entrance (source: JW Marriott website)

Akira Back Hanoi is located inside JW Marriott Hotel, which is near the commercial centre of Hanoi. The hotel itself is quite an attraction for the unique design of architecture and is often chosen by many VIPs such as Donald Trump. 

Akira Back restaurant is located in a separate building block from the main hotel building. Next to a vibrantly painted walls of Smack Dab bar, a rather secretive entrance to the restaurant appears. 

Upon entering the door, you'll get a sneak peek of the bar
Akira Back bar lounge (source: JW Marriott website)

Many friends of mine constantly suggested I must visit this place and one friend even said it is by far the best restaurant in Hanoi. As the price is on the high end, I had to save it till some special day and I could finally go on my birthday. I was really looking forward to the date and overly excited! 

As my boyfriend and I entered the main entrance, we were greeted by a welcoming host who led us past the extravagant bar and through the ravishing corridor to the main dining area. 

Main dining area with open kitchen
Aesthetically pleasing atmosphere from the kitchen to the ceiling

We were given a table in the centre of the dining area from where the wide open kitchen is visible. The vibrancy of the kitchen was greatly entertaining and the painting on the ceiling painted the area with pastel reflections, which were soothing and pleasing. 

The menu was extensive and it almost seemed impossible to choose because obviously, I was tempted to try everything. What’s amazing was that they had an iPad with all the pictures of dishes, which help guests understand what to expect and better choose. The staff was there to assist with selection of menu, so we could pick some of their top suggestions. 

Tuna & mushroom pizza - it'll give you a new dimension of pizza
Even sashimi can be added a little twist of orange flavour
Truffle bomb - truffle exploding in the mouth like heaven
Mini tacos of grilled eel and minced meat
That ribeye just melts in the mouth like chocolate fondue

The dishes were served seamlessly and every plate was simply and finely decorated. I had heard that this is the signature of Akira Back restaurants and I certainly had high expectations for that, but it was beyond expectations. I almost screamed when I had the first bite of the tuna pizza. I can say it gave me a whole new dimension of what a pizza could be. I can’t quite describe how good it was except to say it was just heavenly. 

My second favourite was the Truffle Bomb. I had a massive smile on when that little portion of truffle bomb was spread in my mouth. There were a couple of more dishes I could not take pictures of because I was slightly carried away with eating them and enjoying myself. 

It was a perfectly romantic dinner and I had absolutely an amazing time here. The service, as expected, was exceptionally professional and friendly. Everyone was super attentive and our dinner couldn’t have been better without their care and genuine hospitality. 

If you want to experience and have a taste of Chef Akira Back’s classic, yet innovative cuisine, you’ve got to visit the restaurant while in Hanoi. It is also a fantastic place for a romantic night with your loved ones, or with your family.

Akira Back, JW Marriott Hotel

Address: 8 Đỗ Đức Dục, Mễ Trì, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 17:30 – 21:30 (Last order)

Saturday – Sunday 11:30 – 14:00 (Last order) & 17:30 – 21:30 (Last order)

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