Instant Print Photo Booth in Hanoi – Special Souvenir for Yourself

After about two months since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the whole city and country was in lockdown. So it was a very unusual period of time during which all shops, restaurants and streets were closed and empty. Last weekend, Hanoi finally opened up the walking street and night market back again. So I went out to explore the city filled with crowds.

I felt strange having active life and streets back in beer street and Hoan Kiem lake after so long. What struck me most was how it was 99% locals, which is definitely unusual for Hanoi’s busiest and touristy centre. I’m really looking forward to having Hanoi fully back with travellers!

While I was walking past many streets of Old Quarter, I found a newly opened shop with photo booths on Dinh Liet street. Photo booth has always been a big thing in Korea since I was a teenager. And I think it’s a fun and great way to leave a little souvenir of the moment. Thus I was pretty excited to see one here in Hanoi!

Magic Photo Booth

Photo Booth Dinh Liet Hanoi - shop
All pink photo booths - Magic Photo Self Studio
Photo Booth Dinh Liet Hanoi - price
60,000VND (3 USD) for two copies of 4 shots
Photo Booth Dinh Liet Hanoi - head bands
Some cute little head bands
Photo Booth Dinh Liet Hanoi - wigs
Be a shark or a rockstar with these awesome props

It’s a tiny little shop with two photo booths and all covered in pink. For only 60,000VND (about 3USD), you get two prints of 4 shots. And there are fun props like wigs and head bands to put on to add some more spice to your picture. I think it’s a very simple shop, but offers an awesome opportunity to take fun snapshots with friends and family while in Hanoi.

My boyfriend and I went straight in and took some photos in the booth. After we inserted the bill into the machine, we had 6 shots to take. Each shot was automatically counted down by 10 and took the picture. After all 6 shots were taken, we could choose four shots to print or retake the whole set until satisfied. 

Once we picked the four favourite shots, two copied of the shots were printed. And that was quick 2-3 minutes of fun and we had an amazing souvenir to keep!

Whether you’re travelling or living in here, it’s a fun thing to try. And I definitely believe it’s a perfect little souvenir you can bring back home from Hanoi. So I recommend you check out the place when you’re in Hanoi!

Magic Photo Self Studio

Address: 9b Đinh Liệt, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Official Website:

Other Locations: Aeon Mall, Times City, Royal City

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