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Hotpot is one of many favourite meals for locals in Vietnam. Therefore there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy a good hotpot all around the country. You can experience the Vietnamese hotpot culture in different types of places. But in this post, I’d like to introduce you Kichi Kichi. It is a buffet hotpot restaurant in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and many other cities in Vietnam. And it’s a quite a cool concept of hotpot buffet

Kichi Kichi Hotpot in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and more

Kichi Kichi buffet hotpot conveyor belt
Conveyor belt concept buffet for hotpot! (source:

Kichi Kichi brand is part of Golden Gate Restaurant Group with over 300 restaurants in Vietnam. Kichi Kichi alone has 88 restaurants in 22 different cities in Vietnam. Another restaurant from the same group is Sumo BBQ, which I wrote about and is a great place for all-you-can-eat barbeque. 

What I find super cool and interesting about Kichi Kichi is the conveyor belt concept of buffet. I am a big lover of conveyor belt sushi restaurants. I mean a constant flow of delicious food passing by your table is pretty heavenly, isn’t it?

Also, since it’s a buffet concept, it means it’s all-you-can-eat. Thus all those dishes on the belt are for yours to take.

Kichi Kichi Hotpot Delivery Online

During this time of lockdown, most businesses are not open. So I cooked way more than I’d ever done in the past few weeks. Then I discovered that Kichi Kichi is open for delivery. I am not sure if they always had delivery option or if they just began the service since the lockdown. But it came to my knowledge at the perfect time. As much as I have been enjoying cooking at home and trying new menus, I also crave for dining out! So it was a perfect opportunity to try the delivery hotpot for the first time.

There is an online page from which to pick the dishes and order (link at the bottom). Apart from Kichi Kichi, there are three other restaurant brands from the same group available for online delivery. So you can choose Kichi Kichi from the list, click north or south Vietam. Then the page of menus appear. 

I don’t think there’s an English translation available from the website, but you can use the automatic Google translate. And I think the process is pretty straight-forward and easy with pictures. You don’t have to register for membership or anything, and so you can just fill out the address, phone number and your name. Then it’s done!

Kichi Kichi hotpot delivery online
Online delivery homepage
Kichi Kichi hotpot delivery menus online
Kichi Kichi page of menus

First Delivery Hotpot at Home!

Kichi Kichi hotpot Hanoi delivery - Box
It came in a nice box!
Kichi Kichi hotpot Hanoi delivery - inside box
All very well-organised and stacked inside the box
Kichi Kichi hotpot Hanoi delivery - vegetables
Morning glory, mushroom, cabbage and fish intestines
Kichi Kichi hotpot Hanoi delivery - variety of meat
Lots of different meat parts and some shrimps
Kichi Kichi hotpot Hanoi delivery - ingredients 2
All set and ready to begin eating!
Kichi Kichi hotpot Hanoi delivery -
Delectable looking tom yum hotpot at home!

There are two types of soup – Thai style Tom Yum soup or mushroom soup. So we ordered tom yum soup, with different meat parts, veggies etc. In about 30 minutes, our delivery arrived and our food was all nicely packed in a box! All our ingredients were very well organised and stacked inside. All we had to do was to prepare the pot and we were good to go! 

We ordered quite a range of meat parts from pork cartilage to beef belly. For me, the best part of meat for hotpot is always the beef belly with some fat. Also, I really enjoyed the fish intestines. Most importantly, the soup was amazing! It was perfect and I loved it.

I really thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hotpot home delivery. I must say it was beyond my expectations. Also, it was a good break to order from outside from weeks of home cooking. 

The only downside is that there is so much plastic waste from all the wrappings. So for the convenience, quality of food and service, I give 10 out of 10. But I think I wouldn’t order in often to avoid too much waste. Yet I cannot deny that it was a fun and satisfying meal. So if you live in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, hotpot delivered to your home is definitely worth a try!

Actually, I have not yet had the chance to visit the restaurant to try the conveyor belt hotpot experience. And since I know that their tom yum soup is pretty yummy, I’ll visit the restaurant one it opens up again!

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