Korean BBQ Buffet at Gogi House in Vietnam

Whether you’re travelling or living in Vietnam, you can try the delectable Korean style BBQ at Gogi House. Korean BBQ is pretty well-known around the world and is also a huge thing in Vietnam. Gogi House is a restaurant brand all over Vietnam offering Korean BBQ and as a Korean, I’ve had great experiences here. So check out the post to see what you can get at Gogi House!

Features of Korean BBQ brought to Vietnam

Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - seats
Dim lights set the mood for a chilled BBQ dinner
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - seats 2
Each table has its own ventilator - Korean thing!
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - Korean button on table
Each table has this call button to call the staff

Korean BBQ has some special features that often surprise foreigners. I think Gogi House has done a great job in bringing those features to make the experience very similar to BBQ restaurants in Korea. 

For instance, it’s very common to have a private ventilating tubes above each table. This helps the smoke from the grill be sucked up and not spread all over the indoor restaurant. 

Another unique concept we have in Korea is the little round call button on each table. This button is not limited to BBQ restaurants, but very widely used in many restaurants. I think it’s a very clever invention and saves customers from having to wave or wait on the staff. You can just press the button and there’s a screen somewhere for the staff to see which table called. 

A la carte, Combo or All-you-can-eat

Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - buffet menu sides and hotpot
Buffet menu - Hotpot options on the left and bibimbap on the right
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - buffet menu salads
Buffet menu - Lots of meat, salads and sides

You can order individual dishes from the a la carte menu, a combo menu or all-you-can-eat buffet. I almost always go for buffet if I go to a restaurant like Gogi House. I think if you know what parts of meat you like and all the specific preferences, combo or a la carte could be great. But if it’s your first time or you’re in for a big meal, buffet is always the best!

The buffet price at Gogi House is 329,000VND per person. It includes a variety of beef and pork, lots of sides, the notorious bibimbap (mixed rice) and even hotpot after the grill. 

Buffet BBQ

Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - assorted beef
Assorted beef platter
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - beef belly with honey
Beef belly with honey sauce
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - salads
Loads of fresh salads and kimchi
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - table full of food
All-you-can-eat buffet of grill
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - sesame oil and salt
Must-order sauce - sesame oil with salt

You will be served an assorted platter of different meat parts of beef and pork to begin with. Then you can freely order different meat from the buffet menu as much as you’d like and can eat. 

I think charcoal grill makes the meat extra juicy and delicious. And the staff at Gogi are super attentive and efficient at changing the grills as soon as it starts to burn. 

There are lots of salad options and kimchi to enjoy with the BBQ. I personally am quite satisfied with the kimchi at Gogi and they have a few different kimchi dishes, so it’s great! Also, Korean BBQ can’t miss the fresh green lettuce for the wrap. So you can wrap your meat with whatever sauce and ingredients you like in the lettuce. 

They provide the bean paste as the primary dipping sauce, but I highly recommend you to ask for sesame oil with salt. This is one very unique and delectable sauce enjoyed with Korean BBQ. This sauce makes the meat extra scrumptious and enjoyable. 

Hotpot & Bibimbap

Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - hotpot bulgogi
Bulgogi hotpot after BBQ
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - bibimbap
Bibimbap (mixed rice) in hotstone bowl!
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - bibimbaGogi Buffet Korean BBQ - bibimbap mixedp mixed
After mixing it well, it looks so scrumptiously good
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - yakult dessert
Perfect dessert to end the meal - Yakult drink

I never made it to hotpot whenever I go to buffet restaurants like Gogi, so this time I tried to balance and managed to order hotpot after the grill. So the staff changed the grill to hotpot and it was like resetting my tummy and mind as if I was beginning my dinner again. 

I tried bulgogi hotpot, which is soy sauce based soup. But I wouldn’t recommend this here because it was quite disappointing. So you can try another kind of hotpot or just stick to BBQ, which is fantastic. 

Bibimbap is one of the most famous Korean dishes and it’s a mixed rice dish with vegetables. Gogi has bibimbap in hotstone bowl, so I ordered the hotstone bibimbap and I liked it! The whole point of having bibimbap in a hotstone is so that the bottom part of rice can be cooked till crispy. So my tip for you is to not scrape the bottom or side while you eat, but leave it till the end. Then you’ll have the delicious crispy part at the end of it. 

Lastly, they have some dessert options like fresh fruits, pudding and Yakult. So it was perfect to end it with a refreshing Yakult drink! I must say my dinners at Gogi were always satisfactory and it is a great place for anyone to experience some unique features of Korean BBQ and food in Vietnam.

Locations: 118 restaurants all over Vietnam

Website: https://gogi.com.vn/


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