Korean BBQ in Hanoi – King BBQ vs Gogi House

Korean communities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are big. Thus there are tons of good Korean restaurants in these cities as well as other major cities in Vietnam. If you are looking for some Korean BBQ time in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or other cities in Vietnam, King BBQ and Gogi House are two options you can consider.

While there are so many other independent and awesome restaurants for Korean BBQ in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, I’d like to suggest these two restaurant groups because they each have over 100 outlets around the country. Therefore, you can easily find one of their locations wherever you are.

I’ve been to both restaurants’ different locations and several times each. And while they both have buffet (all you can eat) options perfect for hungry foodies and a la carte, I thought it’d be great to give comparison review to help you choose.

King BBQ Buffet

King BBQ Buffet Hanoi - buffet
King BBQ Buffet restaurant, Vincom Pham Ngoc Thach, Hanoi
King BBQ Buffet Hanoi - grill
Lots and lots of meat

King BBQ restaurant has two types of concepts. One is King BBQ for a la carte and another is King BBQ Buffet. Majority of their outlets are buffet restaurants. But if you want to have buffet options, you should check out their website to see which outlets are King BBQ Buffet. 

For buffet, they have four different options ranging from 199,000VND to 349,000VND per person. 199,000VND buffet includes 14 types of meats and some seafood and there are increasing number of choices of meat and seafood for the more expensive options. All these buffet menus include the 5 different types of hot dishes such as hotstone mixed rice, kimchi soup and more. 

I usually go for a la carte menu at King BBQ, but recently I tried their buffet menu at King BBQ Buffet restaurant in Vincom Pham Ngoc Thach, Hanoi. In this outlet, they have a buffet table with salads, sides, dessert etc.

All the meat served from the buffet menu were marinated in some kind of bulgogi sauce (soy sauce based Korean BBQ sauce). The flavour was enjoyable since bulgogi sauce is an unfailing sauce. But they did not have a good variety of non-seasoned meat. It could have been the day I went since they had a few meats and dishes that were not available. So it was quite a disappointment for me.

However, my experiences at King BBQ when I had a la carte were much more satisfactory. So I’d suggest asking if they have all the menus in the buffet available prior to deciding to go for a la carte or buffet. 

Gogi House

Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - seats 2
Gogi House on Pho Duc Chinh street, Hanoi
Gogi Buffet Korean BBQ - table full of food
Buffet of dishes

Gogi House is another huge restaurant chain scattered all over Vietnam for Korean BBQ including around 20 outlets in Hanoi. They also have both a la carte and buffet (all you can eat) options. The buffet option is 329,000VND as stated in their official website. But the restaurant in Pho Duc Chinh street in Hanoi had a cheaper buffet option of around 299,000VND with few dishes less than 329,000VND buffet.

I have not tried a la carte at Gogi House and only tried buffet here. What I like about Gogi House is their beef especially the ones without any seasoning. Some parts of beef here are super juicy and tender. And they also have other marinated meats to enjoy a variety of flavours. You can check out the detailed post on Gogi House here.

Overall, if you’re up for buffet of Korean BBQ, I’d recommend Gogi House over King BBQ. But for a la carte dinner, I’d say they’re both great choices for you to experience Korean BBQ in Vietnam.

King BBQ

Website: http://kingbbq.com.vn/

Locations: 104 outlets in Vietnam

Gogi House

Website: https://gogi.com.vn/

Locations: 112 outlets in Vietnam

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