Ky Co Beach & Eo Gio Day Trip in Quy Nhon – Best Beach in Vietnam

This beautiful Quy Nhon city offers plenty of interesting sights and things to do in the city. Also, there are fantastic day trips you could do from the city. One of my favourite days during my 7-day holiday in Quy Nhon was at Ky Co beach and Eo Gio. This day of scenic ride, unwinding at the pristine Ky Co beach and admiring the dramatic rocky coastline at Eo Gio was an absolutely memorable day. Thus, it is a must do day trip from Quy Nhon city that I strongly recommend!

Let’s discover the ways to get there and what kind of an awesome beach day awaits you at Ky Co and Eo Gio!

Getting to Ky Co Beach - Shuttle Bus

Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - bridge over ocean
Cau Thi Nai bridge crossing the gulf
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - way past construction
10-minute of driving past the deserted land
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - entrance
Gate to Ky Co beach shuttle station next to FLC Luxury resort gate
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - entrance ticket info
Ky Co beach entrance ticket information
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - entrance tickets
Ky Co beach entrance and shuttle bus tickets
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - village beach view from top
Nhon Ly village view on the way up to shuttle station
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - transfer station hut
Parking lot & shuttle bus station
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - transfer bus
Colourful renovated minibuses for transfers to and from Ky Co beach
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - down to Ky Co beach
Down to heaven!

Ky Co beach and Eo Gio are located about 25KM away from Quy Nhon city across the gulf. It is 45-minute to 1-hour car or motorbike drive. There are two ways you can reach Ky Co beach now if you’re driving on your own. One is to take a speedboat from Nhon Ly village and another is to drive up to the hill from where you can take a shuttle down to the beach. We drove a motorbike and took the shuttle bus option. 

If you use Google Map, it automatically directs you to the shuttle bus station on the mountain hill. Although Google Map suggests that it takes 45 minutes, it took over an hour by motorbike with stops for pictures and waiting time for shuttle to Ky Co beach.

We had some moments of confusion on the way to Ky Co beach. At the point of entering Vo Nguyen Giap street crossing Ha Thanh river, Google map was telling us to enter the one-way bridge coming from the opposite side. So we had to stop and reset the destination, which then showed the right way to enter the bridge. 

It is still showing that wrong way on Google Map, so when you’re there, make sure to watch out for this and refresh the destination from your current point before joining that bridge. 

After a breezy drive on Thi Nai bridge (Cầu Thị Nại) crossing the gulf, is followed by a 10-minute drive through the vast deserted land under construction. Some roads were blocked with a mere construction sign without giving any instruction where to go instead. So we followed other cars driving on the opposite lane toward Ky Co beach. 

Right next to “Cổng sau FLC luxury”, the gate to FLC Luxury resort, there’s gate to Ky Co beach shuttle station. We bought the entrance tickets for the beach (100,000VND / person) and round trip shuttle bus (40,000VND / person) at the gate. From here, it is uphill and comes the picturesque view over Nhon Ly village, which was fantastic. Then we arrived at the huge hut parking lot from where we took the shuttle bus down the hill to Ky Co beach. 

Getting to Ky Co beach - Boat Transfer

Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - boat transfer
Cano boat to & from Nhon Ly village
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - boat village
Fishing boats at Nhon Ly village beach

The speedboat ride between Nhon Ly village and Ky Co beach is only about 5 to 10 minutes. 

We saw a lot of group arrivals and departures by this boat called Cano at Ky Co beach. A tour guide from Leng Keng 2 restaurant said they offer tour package with boat transfers, Ky Co beach entrance fee, lunch, snorkelling and free time at Ky Co beach for 450,000VND per person. 

These tours are organised by restaurants in Nhon Ly village. The schedules might differ from restaurant to restaurant, but they mostly offer the same package. Prices range between 350.000 VND and 450.000 VND per person if you depart from Nhon Ly village. However, if you’d like to be picked up and dropped off in Quy Nhon city, the prices begins from 690,000VND up. 

On the way to Ky Co beach, we were approached by a local guy who was trying to sell us the tour. And apparently, this is quite common. So if you drive, you can easily find opportunities to join one of these tours before you arrive. Otherwise, you can go to the fishing port (type “Bến thuyền ra bãi Kỳ” on Google Map) and there will be options for you to choose from. 

The advantage of taking the boat would be that you can see village fishing boats from close and the tour prices are incredibly cheap. It even includes snorkelling! On the other hand, the shuttle bus option gives you the scenic ride looking down at the entire Nhon Ly village beach. As well, it gives you the freedom to spend how much ever time you’d like at Ky Co beach. 

Ky Co Beach - Beach & Activities

Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - beach
My kinda perfect beach
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - sunbeds
Sunbeds under huts
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - rest area
Perfect napping area
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - restaurant hut
One of restaurants at Ky Co beach
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - bamboo swing
Huge bamboo swing - a perfect Insta photo spot
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - swings and bamboo boat
More photogenic spots
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - diving point
Scuba diving spot
Quy Nhon Ky Co Beach - diving oxygen tanks
Scuba diving & photos for 700,000VND / person

Ky Co beach is full of photogenic Instagrammable spots like huge beach swings. And there are two or three restaurants, showers and sunbeds under huts offering all the comforts we need at a beach. Yet it is a beautifully pristine beach with crystal clear turquoise water and the softest sand like a hotel pillow.

We arrived around 1PM and the sand was scorching hot, but there were wooden pallets on the sand thoughtfully placed for walking. Rental fee of one hut with two sunbeds is 150,000VND. And there are other beach activities such as parasailing, scuba diving and more. Parasailing was 750,000VND per person and scuba diving was 700,000VND per person.

There was no planning prior to the trip, so we arrived at the beach and called the number given by our hotel reception. So we spontaneously decided to do scuba diving and it was arranged swiftly. We were picked up at Ky Co beach and taken to the diving spot, which was about 10-minute speedboat ride. 

We were instructed and guided by the sweetest team of divers and really loved the diving experience exploring all the corals and marine world! Also, the diving includes GoPro photos, so we have an awesome souvenir.

Ky Co beach has everything that defines my kind of perfect beach. So I am absolutely in love with this beach and it has become my number one favourite beach in the entire Vietnam. 

Getting to Eo Gio

Eo Gio entrance ticket booth
Eo Gio ticket booth at entrance
Eo Gio entrance ticket price
Ticket price for Eo Gio (25,000VND / person)
Eo Gio Quy Nhon view point 2
Walkway down to rocky beach
Eo Gio windbells Quy Nhon
Tens of windbells making the heavenly relaxing sounds
Eo gio view point 3
One of many view points at Eo Gio

Everybody from the hotel receptionist to ticket seller at Ky Co beach gate recommended that the best time to visit Eo Gio was late afternoon around the sunset. They all said it’s because during the midday, it’s just too hot. 

So after a lovely afternoon at Ky Co beach and scuba diving, we headed to Eo Gio view point. It is inside the Nhon Ly village and about 10 minutes by motorbike from Ky Co beach gate.

Eo Gio literally means “wind waist”. But it is derived from what the locals call this place because of the saddle (or waist) shape between two mountains through which the wind blows. It is the perfect place to enjoy the dramatic rocky coastline and the heavenly sea breeze. 

There are nicely paved walkways down to the rocky beach and fantastic view points all over. And the sounds of tens of windbells were so relaxing and rejuvenating. It felt even better than a good massage.

I think it was a great choice to visit around sunset so we didn’t have to suffer the burning sun light, but early in the morning would be a great time too. 

To conclude, this day was definitely one of my favourite days in Quy Nhon. It was a day perfectly balanced between activities and relaxation. The only regret is not having headed to Ky Co earlier in the morning, so that I could have more time there!

Ky Co Beach

Address: Quang Trung, Thành phố Qui Nhơn, Binh Dinh Province 591300, Vietnam

Scuba Diving contact number: +84 (0)384439834

Eo Gio

Address: Đường đi bộ Eo Gió, Eo Gio, Thành phố Qui Nhơn, Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam

***You can type in “Đường đi bộ Eo Gió” on Google map for the exact search result***

Opening Hours: 05:00 – 18:30 

Ky Co Beach Tour

Leng Keng 2 Restaurant

Scuba Diving contact number

+84 (0)384439834

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