Local’s Suggestion: Eel Vermicelli Soup in Hanoi

Here’s a new menu that can be added to your ‘to eat’ list in Hanoi. Vermicelli noodle soup with fried eel called mien luon is quite popular amongst locals in Hanoi. And there are few famous restaurants around town for this special dish.

My Source of Inspiration

Hanoi Food is a YouTube channel I enjoy watching both for learning Vietnamese and for inspiration on local restaurants. This guy explores many famous and hidden gem restaurants around the city. And I find this channel a resourceful source for any foodies wanting to explore the local dining scenes and experiences in Hanoi.

I found one of the most well-known restaurants for eel noodle soup in Hanoi on this channel’s recent update. So I went to check out the restaurant and try mien luon in this restaurant.

Mien Luon Tan Tan

Mien Luon Tan Tan Eel Soup - Shopfront
Located on one corner of conjunction in Hai Ba Trung district
Mien Luon Tan Tan Eel Soup - shopfront 1
Mien Luon Tan Tan about to close for afternoon break
Mien Luon Tan Tan Eel Soup - kitchen
Little kitchen table on one side of the restaurant

Mien Luon Tan Tan is located in a local neighbourhood in Hai Ba Trung district down south from Hoan Kiem lake. When I arrived for lunch, it was almost closing time before their afternoon break. So they were already preparing to clean up, but I was lucky and was almost the last one to order.

It’s a very small restaurant, but I can imagine chairs and tables set on the street to accommodate many guests like in the video. 

Mien Luon - Eel Soup

Mien Luon Tan Tan Eel Soup
Fried eel with onion and bean sprouts
Mien Luon Tan Tan Eel Soup 2
Soft vermicelli noodle with crispy eel make a good couple

The thin and tiny eels are fried to crispy and goes very well with the soft vermicelli noodle. I like the crispiness of fried eel, but also enjoy the slightly soaked texture in the soup. 

Personally, eel soup is not my usual list of eats in Hanoi. However, I do enjoy having this dish from time to time especially and mostly as a late night meal after a night out. So it was a great opportunity to try the dish during day. I liked the broth here because it was a perfect balance of deep and mild flavour. 

When I ordered, I just ordered by the name, which turned out to be the smallest portion. I only realised it when other locals who came after me were ordering by the price. They have three options for the portions – 30,000, 40,000, and 50,000VND. 

Personally, 30,000VND portion alone wouldn’t have been enough if I did not have the fried baguette. So you can either order a bowl of fried baguette on the side or order a bigger portion of either 40,000 or 50,000VND for a good portion. 

On top of extensive list of other amazing local dishes to try in Hanoi, eel noodle soup might be your pick. So check out the Complete Hanoi Foodie Guide as well to get a good idea of what Hanoi has to offer for you, foodies! 

Mien Luon Tan Tan

Address: 16 Tuệ Tĩnh, Bùi Thị Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 06:30 – 13:00 & 16:00 – 20:00

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