Locals’ Suggestion Part 2 – Hanoian’s Favourite Pho Tron (Mixed Pho) in the Old Quarter

There are several famous phở restaurants in Hanoi such as Pho Ly Quoc Su 10, Pho Gia Truyen and Pho Thin. While visiting at least one of these restaurants for a hot and delectable bowl of pho is a must, there is another acclaimed restaurant, which is always packed with people queuing to get a table here. 

The restaurant is called Phở Gà Nguyệt and their speciality is also pho. But this place is less about the pho with soup, but more notorious for the succulent steamed chicken and heavenly yummy mixed pho, a.k.a phở trộn. Located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, it is easily reachable by foot from anywhere in the ancient town.

I was first introduced to this place thanks to my local friends and they have been regular guests here for several years and so have I. There are two main reasons why I keep going back to this restaurant. One reason being its luscious pho tron that I regularly crave for and another because it is open till late night, so it’s a perfect place for a late-night after party food (and one last drink) before going home. 

The main restaurant with kitchen
Extra seats in the mechanics shop next to Pho Ga Nguyet

Pho Ga Nguyet is definitely on top of my suggestions for any friends and families visiting Hanoi to go for a highly satisfying meal and a local experience. There are seats inside the main restaurant and a low-ceiling floor upstairs as well as a motorbike mechanics shop next door available to accommodate the huge crowd. 

I think this small restaurant is not so small after all as they can probably fit almost 100 people at once. But still there’s almost always a queue of people waiting to be seated. And that’s just mind-blowing if you think about it! 

.....and still more seats on the street

But all that wait time is absolutely worthy when you receive your food and have the first mouthful. As mentioned earlier, they do have pho noodle soup, but my top 3 recommendations here are: phở trộn, gà luộc / gà chặt and lòng mề trần.

Phở trộn is mixed pho noodle with shredded chicken. The soya sauce that comes in the pho tron is slightly sweet and just perfectly seasoned, but you can add chilli sauce or lime as you prefer. If you have peanut allergy, you can ask for no peanuts when you order. You can say “không lạc” – meaning no peanuts. 

Another speciality in this restaurant is steamed chicken, called gà luộc or gà chặt. Gà luộc means steamed chicken and gà chặt means chopped chicken. The steamed chicken they serve here is free range chicken and the texture is an ideal balance between tender and chewy. You can order 1/4, 1/2 or a whole chicken. 1/4 of a chicken is more than enough for 2-3 people to share and it is 195,000VND and 1/2 of a chicken is 280,000VND. 

The last on the list of my recommendation is lòng mề trần, and this is for those who love intestines and those brave food-adventurers. Lòng mề means giblets consisting of various intestinal parts of chicken such as heart, gizzards and liver. And trần means blanching – cooking briefly in boiling water. It could be a good side dish to enjoy with pho tron and steamed chicken.

Mixed pho - phở trộn
1/4 of steamed chicken - gà luộc / gà chặt

Address: 5b Phủ Doãn, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Opening Hours: Everyday from 06:00 – 10:00 and 18:00 – 01:50

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