Locals’ Suggestion Part 4 – Best Stir-Fried Pho with Beef (Pho Xao Bo) in Old Quarter Hanoi

Here comes the 4th series of Locals’ Suggestion of best restaurants in Hanoi. This street restaurant is a very popular dinner place for locals located in the centre of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Despite its central and visible location, it is not as well-known to foreigners and visitors. 

It is my favourite phở xào bò place in Hanoi and I eat here on a regular basis. Most of local restaurants that sell fried rice and pho noodle soup also have pho xao bo in their menu, but I have not found any restaurant that does pho xao bo as good as this one.

When the Tax Department Office closes, the restaurant opens for guests
I arrived early and the restaurant is setting up kitchen and tables for opening

One thing special in Vietnam is that street shops and restaurants open doors right in front of other shops and offices once they close. This restaurant takes place right in front of Tax Department office of Hoan Kiem district. That is why they open at 6PM.

The blue board on the office door is their menu and they only have two on their menu. Phở xào is the stir-fried pho noodle with beef and bắp trần is the beef shank (leg muscle) soup. 

Pho xao bo Hang Buom - must try food in Hanoi
Phở xào bò - stir-fried pho and beef with pok choi
Bắp trần - beef shank soup (right) and Vietnamese pickles (left)

The stir-fried pho and beef here is rightly moist and the textures of beef and pok choi make the perfect harmony together with the noodle. I love to order the beef shank soup as well for the fragrant and deep flavoured soup and the chewy beef chunks. The beef shank here is cooked just right so the muscular chunks are chewy but soft. The papaya pickles they serve is another highlight because they’re very refreshing and yummy. 

Their kitchen on the street works in a very well organised and professional manner

Outdoor kitchen and seats on the street are symbolic of a typical Vietnamese restaurant and this restaurant’s kitchen system is very well organised. So dishes are usually served quickly. 

Go into the Banh Mi / Bubble shop to the restaurant's indoor seats

I prefer to sit outside on the street, but for hot days or when the tables outside are full, there’s an indoor space across the kitchen with aircon. Entrance to the indoor seats is inside the Banh Mi and Bubble shop across the street. You walk past the shop deeper into the building and will see tables and seats.

When my friends and family visit me in Hanoi, this restaurant is one of the places I take them because I believe it’s a must-eat menu here. If you’re in Hanoi, I highly recommend trying pho xao bo in this place! 

Phở Xào Ba Thanh Béo

Address: 11 Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Everyday 18:00 – 03:30

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