Looking for Something Special to do in Hanoi? – Check out Fab-Eventor for Fun & Unique Events organised for Expats and Locals to Mingle

Besides all the amazing tourist attractions, things to do and local cuisine to try, there’s something more in Hanoi. Fab-Eventor is an event company that collaborates and organises some unique and fun events with local businesses for expats and locals to gather and have fun together. The company began its awesome business in 2017 and since then offered great opportunities for people to join and have a day or night full of entertainment.

The events held vary from food-oriented or handicraft markets to something more special and fascinating like Murder Mystery. Joining the events will certainly be something different from the usual Hanoian experience and a fantastic chance to mingle with people living in Hanoi and maybe take a glance at what it’s like to live in Hanoi.

Hang out with expats community in West lake (source: Fab-Eventor)
Fab Eventor Event
Great vibe, awesome people and amazing craft beer (source: Fab-Eventor)

The regular event perfectly suitable for foodies is Melting Pot series. It was first created and started by an expat living in Hanoi with the initiative to bring more variety of food to Hanoi. Its first event began in September 2018 and it is now a monthly event offering a great range of foods and participants who are passionate home cooks, professional chefs and start-up business owners adding colours to the event.

Not only are there yummy and delectable dishes, there’s also live music and performances onsite. So you’ll have a day full of delicious treats and lively entertainment. There is now Melting Pot series with added variations such as Veg & Vegan Festival and Street Food Festival along with regular Melting Pot Food Fest. 

There were Murder Mystery events held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. This event is explained as a “a themed party where attendees dress up to match a theme or assigned characters and then work together to solve a fictitious murder which occurs during the party. The party guests not only have to investigate the murder, but they also become the suspects.” by Fab-Eventor.

You can purchase tickets as sub-character or main character, dress up according to the theme and character and go and have a fun night of solving a mystery crime scene with other people.

Beginning of the investigation (source: Fab-Eventor)
Murder Mystery: 80s Prom Gone Bad in Saigon (source: Fab-Eventor)

Other than the two remarkable events mentioned above, there are other cool events such as BarFest for dogs and dog owners, Built Not Bought handicraft market, Cinco de Mayo and many more! You should go check out their official website and Facebook page for more information on their past and upcoming events.

Cinco de Mayo event (source: Fab-Eventor)
BarkFest for your puppies!!! (source: Fab-Eventor)
Upcoming events by Fab-Eventor

There are Hanoi Sunday Market, Hanoi Craft Beer Festival, Veg & Vegan Festival 2019 and more on the way. 

For more information, go check out the links below:

Fab-Eventor Facebook Page

Fab-Eventor Official Website

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