Midnight Bowl of Bun Ca after a Night Out in Hanoi

Nightlife scenes in Hanoi Old Quarter are one of a kind with low plastic stools and tables on the street. A night out to join the festive and lively evenings in the beer street should be on everyone’s must-do and must-see list while in this capital city of Vietnam. 

The infamous beer street on Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets is the heart and flower of nightlife stage for both local Vietnamese and travellers of all sorts. If you’re here during the weekend (Friday – Sunday), this conjunction between the two streets will be one of the most fascinating and thrilling sights to witness. 

Weekend at the beer street - between Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets

After penetrating through the mass of crowds, grab a table in one of these many beer places here and sit back to relax with drinks to commence your night. If you’re into more than just a sit-down evening and up for more upbeat places for a dance, check out this article on top night clubs in town.


As part of a routine after a crazy night out and endless flow of drinks, my friends and I often go for a midnight food to end the night before heading home. There are few different places we go to, but here I will introduce you a special place that only opens from late night until early morning.

This restaurant’s main specialty is Bun Ca, a fish rice noodle soup. I often miss this soup and crave so badly for it, but as it’s only open at night, I only go after hanging out till late night in the Old Town.

It is located in a quiet alley in the north of Dong Xuan market and it is for sure a place only locals know because it’s hidden and definitely not widely, if at all, advertised on websites or travel guides for foreigners. The restaurant’s success is all from word-of-mouth through satisfied guests who love the special and unique flavours of the soup. And that’s exactly how I first encountered this true hidden gem.

This restaurant’s owner Ms. Huong Thuy opened this shop to serve and satisfy those hungry people at night just like herself. And you can see that it is full of people waiting to get a yummy bowl of bun ca to fill up the tummy and/or prevent hangover around midnight. 

You can get your bowl of soup with different ingredients (all from fish). The two main ingredients are fried fish fillet and fried fish cake (a.k.a. chả cá). Or you can simply order a ‘all-mixed’ soup, ‘bún cá thập cẩm’ and in this you’ll have all kinds of ingredients from fish egg to fish intestines.

All-mixed 'Bun ca thap cam' soup

This delicious bowl of fish soup will soothe down your stomach and might keep you safe from a bad hangover the next day. 

If you’re not a drinker and you’re a foodie or adventurer seeking for local’s suggestions, I highly recommend you going here and trying out yourself. On top of that, it’ll surely be a fun experience to eat in the middle of a very quiet local neighbourhood when everybody else is sleeping.

Bún Cá Hương Thuỷ

Address: Hàng Đậu, Nguyễn Trung Trực, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: No official information available, but I heard that it’s open from 9PM until 1 or 2 AM. 

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