Notorious Egg Coffee in Hanoi, but What about Egg Beer?

I presume most people have heard of the infamous egg coffee in Hanoi born in Giang Cafe. While egg coffee is a real specialty you can try in Hanoi, there’s another very interesting and unique menu called egg beer! So I went back to the famous Giang Cafe again recently to try the egg beer. 

Egg Beer at Giang Cafe, Hanoi

Hanoi Giang Cafe Egg Coffee - entrance
Narrow alley entrance to Giang Cafe
Giang Cafe Egg Coffee - upstairs
Seats upstairs
Hanoi Giang Cafe Egg Coffee - upstairs seats
Clean interior and antique wooden tables and chairs
Giang Cafe Egg Coffee - menu
Menu - egg coffee and egg + something else!

Giang Cafe is the birthplace of egg coffee and is located in the coffee street of Hanoi. The owner, Mr. Giang is the inventor of this notorious coffee with egg, which became a must try drink in Hanoi. Past the narrow alley from the street are seats on the ground floor and more upstairs. As it has built such great reputation, this cafe is always full of people – both locals and foreigners.

I have been here a few years ago to try the egg coffee for the first time and once again recently to try the egg beer. And I was amused with how clean and well managed the cafe is. Also, I liked the cute antique wooden tables and chairs. There are menu boards glued on the wall by most tables, and staff comes to take orders at the table. How well organised!

Obviously, the main highlight of the menu is the egg coffee. However, there is another variety of drinks with egg such as egg with beer, rum, coke and more. 

Egg Coffee

Hanoi Giang Cafe Egg Coffee
Egg coffee
Hanoi Giang Cafe Egg Coffee
Thick creamy egg coffee

Cup of hot egg coffee is served on a bowl of warm water to keep it warm while you enjoy the drink. The strong and bitter Vietnamese coffee is mixed with egg mix, which is a very sweet and thick mix almost like a liquid dough. You should stir is thoroughly to have the two mixed well. I think the texture is similar to cappuccino, but much thicker and creamier. And because of the extremely sweet flavour of the egg mix, it is a very sweet drink.

Also, I think it’s quite a heavy drink to have especially right after a full meal. For me, the first few sips were alright as it’s such a unique drink. But after few sips, I was starting to feel the sweetness and rich egg flavour overwhelming. Therefore, I wouldn’t have egg coffee on a regular basis, but it is definitely worth a try for its special uniqueness.

Egg Beer

Hanoi Giang Cafe Egg Coffee - beer egg
Egg mix and a can of cold beer
Hanoi Giang Cafe Egg Coffee - beer egg
Pouring in the beer into the egg mix!

Then the egg beer was a super interesting one! A can of cold beer was served with a glass of the same egg mix. So I poured in the beer and stirred it well. And when I tried it, I was surprised how the flavour turned out. I did not taste much of the beer at first because the portion of egg mix was much greater and as mentioned above, the egg mix has a strong flavour. So I’d say the sweet and thick egg mix was the main and it ends with a slightly bitter taste of the beer. I felt as though it was a thick smoothie added with sparkling water.

I must say, it is a very absurd mix of two drinks, but it wasn’t as bad or weird as I had expected. And just like the egg coffee, it was worth a try for its uniqueness. Plus, with other options such as egg with rum and / or coke, Giang Cafe has quite a variety for an adventure!

To conclude, if you’re visiting Giang Cafe for for the egg coffee, give egg beer or rum or coke a try for a very special experience in Hanoi!  

Giang Cafe

Address: 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00

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