Perfect Haven with Greens Everywhere at Gardenista Cafe, Hanoi

While exploring the hustling and bustling streets of Hanoi is a thrilling and adventurous experience, I believe a nice break withdrawn from the noise is always appreciated. One of the most perfect and preferred havens in Hanoi city for me is always a cafe where tranquility can be found. That’s how I enjoy a little getaway here in Hanoi.

Adding to my awesome discovery of super cosy and cute Circle Coffee & Bar, I have found another hidden gem, Gardenista cafe near Hoan Kiem lake in the Old Quarter. 

Gardenista - a Perfect Getaway inside Hanoi

Gardenista Cafe - entrance gate
Huge gate to Gardenista cafe
Gardenista Cafe - green entrance
Greens, greens, greens welcoming you into jungle of peace
Gardenista Cafe - koi fish pond at the entrance
And a large koi fish pond at the entrance

I fell in love with this cafe immediately from the entrance blooming with green plants. Just as the name suggests, it truly is a cafe of greens and peacefulness. And the pond of koi fish on one side of the entrance is another great factor adding to the tranquility.

Gardenista Cafe Hanoi getaway hidden gem cafe
Outdoor seats on the ground floor are all under the cool shades of big trees
Gardenista Cafe - large wooden table
A beautiful wooden table with green centrepiece
Gardenista Cafe Hanoi getaway hidden gem cafe
This indoor section with glass ceiling is super bright and gorgeous
Gardenista Cafe - cosy indoor seats 2
A huge area with cosy light and vibe
Gardenista Cafe - huge table with plants and decor
My favourite part of this cafe is this table with greens and decor!

From the very entrance, I was impressed and excited! Then it got better and better as I explored every area of the cafe. I was really surprised how big this cafe is. I think they have more than 100 seats at the least. There are super chilled outdoor seats with cool shades under trees. Then there is a huge indoor area with glass ceiling in one part and cosy lighting in another. 

I was amazed how every corner was beautifully decorated and always with greens. My favourite part of the entire place is the huge table with plants and decor right by the reception area for ordering drinks!

Gardenista Cafe Hanoi getaway hidden gem cafe
Wooden table with high stools facing the jungle of greens (upstairs balcony)
Gardenista Cafe Hanoi getaway hidden gem cafe
Spacious open door balcony upstairs

And there are even more seats upstairs. These outdoor seats are equally decorated with greens everywhere. I really enjoyed exploring every corner of this cafe and it was quite difficult to choose the perfect spot because every corner has its own merits. So if you visit Gardenista, take your time to explore the cafe and choose your favourite spot! 

My drinks and experience

Gardenista Cafe - menu
They have a good range of drinks, desserts as well as some food options
Iced jasmine tea (left) and hot peach tea (right)
Gardenista Cafe Hanoi getaway hidden gem cafe
View over Ly Thai To square from the seats

I was here for drinks and read books. I had iced jasmine tea, which was refreshing and my boyfriend had peach tea, which he praised for the flavour. I think the drinks tasted even better because of the fantastic atmosphere. 

But I realised that Gardenista has an extensive food menu for light or proper meals as well as drinks and desserts. So I’d love to try their food menus some time because I’ll be back here time and time again for sure. 

To conclude, I had an absolutely relaxing time here. The view over the Ly Thai To square from my seat, the cool shades, refreshing drinks and perfect serenity. Everything made my afternoon so enjoyable.

It is a true getaway in the centre of Hanoi, so I highly recommend you to add this place in your list of cafes to visit if you’re looking for a tranquil gem.


Address: 02 Lê Thạch, French Quarter, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: N/A

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