Quiet Cafe and Work Space in Local Neighbourhood of Hanoi – Max Book Cafe

I discovered an awesome cafe perfect for those digital nomads, online workers or even anyone who’s seeking for a quiet place to read a book! I’m sure there are some of you who need to work during your holiday in Vietnam and thus looking for a place to sit down and concentrate without distraction.

I also work online a lot and enjoy tranquil atmosphere to read or write. So there are few cafes I often go to and some of them have been introduced in my article, Top 5 Hidden Gem Cafes in Hanoi. While enjoying my favourite places, I always seek for somewhere new and like exploring around. 

I use Vietnamese local accounts on social media as my primary source of inspiration for my cafe and restaurant expedition in Hanoi. You can check my article on the best IG accounts for local restaurants and cafes in Vietnam as well.

So this new place I’m excited to introduce you to is Max Book cafe, which I discovered on Vietnamese social media account. It is located in a local district called Dong Da district, which is down south-west from the Old Quarter. It is in an area I’d never been before, so I was thrilled to check out this neighbourhood.

Football field just in front of the cafe
Max Book cafe building front

I drove there with my motorbike and I was slightly lost on the way because I had to pass and take few turns in small alleys, which were not so visible. But this journey reassured me that I’m in for a real hidden gem in a really local area. After the narrow alleys, I entered a wide open area with a football pitch in the centre and I finally arrived at Max Book cafe. 

It is on second floor and there is another cafe on the left and Max Book cafe is on the right. The entrance of the Max Book cafe is after a short arch walkway covered with green plants. 

Max Book cafe with glass windows
Entrance to the cafe

Once I entered the cafe, I heard no one talking and there was almost absolute silence. And I felt so good! Living in Hanoi means there’s almost no time for freedom from noise, but here, I felt like I was in a forest with minimal noise and only peace. 

Most of the tables were already occupied with students on their laptops or books. I took the sofa seat by the window overlooking the football field and ordered a coffee to work with. 

Comfy seats with peaceful atmosphere (source: Max Book Cafe Facebook)
Bright sunlight and quietness make this place a perfect work space
The mood is set for you to concentrate

I could see that almost every seat has a plug nearby making it very convenient for those who need to use their electronic devices. I brought my laptop here to work and with the bright sunlight coming in through glass windows everywhere and silent mood, I could really focus and be productive. 

I believe that Max Book cafe is not only great for those living in Hanoi in need of a quiet work space, but also travellers to work in peace and visit a local neighbourhood away from the Old Quarter. 

Address: Ngõ 95 Chùa Bộc, Trung Liệt, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00

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