Quy Nhon City Things To Do & Places To Visit

A beautiful coastal city in Central Vietnam, Quy Nhon is an awesome destination still to be discovered by many beach lovers and travellers! Quy Nhon is often featured as one of the Best Beaches in Vietnam. Yet it is not as well established as bigger coastal cities like Nha Trang and Da Nang amongst international travellers. Therefore it still remains a hidden gem. 

Prior to my visit to Quy Nhon, I thought it is a very small town in size and list of places to visit and things to do. However, to my surprise, Quy Nhon is a city with well paved wide roads and has a great list of attractions for travellers. And of course, there are fantastic beaches for those seeking for tranquil and pristine beaches. To me it was an absolutely delightful discovery of a beautiful destination in Vietnam. And I found my favourite beach in Vietnam here!

In this first post about Quy Nhon are things to do and places to visit in the city. 

Quy Nhon Night Market

Quy Nhon night market - view from top
Quy Nhon Night Market view from above
Quy Nhon night market - street food
Street food next to the night market

Quy Nhon night market located in the centre of the city is an amazing spot for both tourists and locals. This daily night market sells clothes, accessories and more at prices unheard of. Some shirts are sold for 50,000VND (2.5USD) and wallets for 30,000VND (1.5USD). What’s more is that there’s street food section at the entrance for food lovers. From meat skewers to seafood eats, this place offers delicious street food at impossibly cheap prices.

Quy Nhon Food Street

Quy Nhon Food Street - gate
Quy Nhon Food Street gate
Quy Nhon Food Street 2
Packed with Quy Nhon locals and domestic travellers

Food Street is right across Quy Nhon beach and has a good number of restaurants for local dishes. It’s most active during the evening packed with both Quy Nhon locals and domestic travellers. I observed that most popular dishes here are banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) and grilled meat spring roll (nem thit nuong). I loved both these dishes here as well as the lively vibe.

Quy Nhon Beach

Quy Nhon city beach during day
Quy Nhon beach during day remains empty when the scorching sun is out
Quy Nhon beach at night
City beach at night is perfect for a stroll

The coastline in the city centre of Quy Nhon is 4.5 KM long. In my opinion, although this beach is beautiful, there are other much more pristine beaches around town. So I enjoyed this beach with a stroll in the evening. But I think it’s a great place for a dip from city centre hotel without travelling far. 

During the day, when the scorching sun is out, the beach remains pretty empty. But in the evening when the nice ocean breeze is there, this long stretch turns into a huge open door cafe. Hence, you can enjoy an awesome beach side evening with refreshing fruit drinks.

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa View Point & Queen's Beach

Scenic spot at Hoang Hau beach (Queen's beach)
Rocky beach, turquoise water and Quy Nhon cityscape from afar

At the southern end of Quy Nhon beach is a fantastic view point called Ghenh Rang Tien Sa. From here, you can enjoy the entire cityscape along the coastline and visit the picturesque Queen’s Beach. Queen’s Beach or Hoang Hau Beach is named so because it was the favourite getaway beach for queen Nam Phuong, wife of Vietnam’s last king. This small rocky beach is a peaceful spot to embrace the turquoise water, city from afar and the vast horizon. 

Quy Nhon Square

Quy Nhon Square - Ho Chi Minh statue
Huge statue of Ho Chi Minh and his father at Quy Nhon Square
Quy Nhon Square at night
Massive square, a perfect playground and park for everyone

Quy Nhon Square is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, squares I’ve been to in Vietnam. The square is massive and the statue of Ho Chi Minh and his father is also huge. After the sun sets, the square turns into a playground for children to ride mini cars and bikes. There are street vendors setting up along the road for refreshing drinks and street snacks. I think it’s a great spot to join the locals’ evening out. 

Eo Gio

Eo Gio Quy Nhon view point 2
Beautiful walkway and viewpoints at Eo Gio
Eo Gio windbells Quy Nhon
Heavenly sounds of windbells at Eo Gio

About an hour away from the city centre is Eo Gio full of photogenic spots. Rocky coastline is accessible via the well-made walkway along and down to the beach. I loved every corner of Eo Gio for it offers dramatic sceneries and especially enjoyed a nice rest on a rock by the water. My favourite part of Eo Gio is the tens (or even hundreds?) of windbells that made the heavenly breeze extra relaxing and calming. 

Quy Nhon Green Square

Quy Nhon Green Square - quynhontourist.com
Quy Nhon locals' picnic spot in town (source: quynhontourist.com)

Previously a helipad for American military purpose, Quy Nhon Green Square has now become an awesome picnic park. I saw crowds of locals out for a picnic in the evening every day. The spacious grassy ground is great for both families and couples to hang out. And there are plenty of street vendors around the square for the picnic. 

Twin Towers

Twin Towers Quy Nhon - vanhien.vn
Twin towers of old Cham people from 12th and 13th centuries (source: vanhien.vn)

Ancient towers of Cham indigenous people are scattered around southern Vietnam and some can be found in Quy Nhon. In the city centre, you can visit Twin Cham Towers where you can admire the gorgeous red shades of these towers from 12th and 13th centuries. For a more detailed read about Cham heritage and stories, you can check out The Cham Towers of Quy Nhon article.

You can also check out my 21-hour Train Journey from Hanoi to Quy Nhon, which was one of my most memorable experiences in Vietnam. 

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