Reasons why you cannot afford to miss out on the coastal city of Da Nang

Dragon bridge

The New York Times listed Da Nang in their list of 52 places you must go to in 2019 and we could not agree more. The third-largest city in Vietnam, Da Nang is in the central region boasting miles long beach strips which have some clear sand and amazing waves. 

In recent times, given the tourist volumes the city has received it has rightly been called Vietnam’s Miami as it shares the same streak of luxurious resorts, amazing local food, and some great bars. The hip city has also become a great stopover for others looking to relax and unwind without clouding their itinerary with many things to do.  Whether you are covering Vietnam from North to South or the other way around a stop into this central portion is necessary to get a glimpse into the metropolitan lifestyle and the historical sites. 

Da Nang Cathedral

The city of Da Nang itself has a lot to offer to start from the gigantic Marble Mountains, My Son ruins, Dragon bridge, My Khe Beach and the local markets. Let’s not forget the day-trip to Ba Na Hills – you can check out the details for that in this article!

The metropolitan city of Da Nang can be covered perfectly in two days in a paced out slow manner. While most of these points of tourism are uniquely different from one another, they each play a significant role in defining Da Nang as a city. From catching a sunset at the Marble Mountains to having some cooling Kem Bo in the local markets and ending the day with a nice cocktail at the beach side bars. This fast-paced city which is growing at an unbelievable pace has something to offer for everyone. The café and sea food culture are the ones you cannot afford to miss! Alongside the beach you will find many local joints where you could select freshly caught seafood by the gram and get it cooked in the way you prefer and enjoy it with a glass of beer. These joints are super cheap and the seafood is as fresh as it can get. You also must not miss the Dragon bridge breathing fire every weekend at 9pm.

Apart from all the city has to offer, there are many day-trips or even over-night trips that you could take from Da Nang. Each of these cities are distinct from one another and offer different experiences that you must indulge in and soak in all its glory. Check these out:

Hoi An

Hoi An – This small quaint town known for its brightly-lit lanterns, Cau Lau, yellow walls make for a great trip from Da Nang. It is only an hour’s drive from Da Nang yet is a complete contrast. Owing to its UNESCO heritage tag it draws an insane number of tourists from across the world annually and a great number of these visitors decide to stay in Da Nang to soak in a bit more from this section of Vietnam.  


Imperial City, Hue

Once the national capital, Hue is another must-visit city in central Vietnam you must visit for it’s the heritage and history on display. From the vast, 19th-century Đại Nội Citadel to the Imperial City and the tombs, there is so much to see in Hue. You could do a day trip from Da Nang as it is only two hours away or choose to spend a day here.  Also just like any other Vietnamese city, the food is something you must sample including dishes like Nem Lui, Banh Khoai and Trai Va salad.  


Qui Nhon

The infinite sea

This small vibrant and peaceful city, located about five hours away from Da Nang, is an obscure and hidden gem tucked away between Nha Trang and Da Nang. The small coastal city is a not only hidden away from tourists but also locals making it very isolated and perfect for a little calm peaceful time during a vacation. You could have a tranquil time at the beach, snorkel or walk around the Cham temples. Changes are underway here as the government intends to put this up on the tourist map, so do visit this soon to soak it in all its glory!  

Hotels you must check out in Da Nang

Infinity pool at Santori Hotel, Da Nang Bay

The Luxury resort: Along a five-mile beach stretch many resorts and five-star properties have cropped up. Yet the most picturesque property has to be the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, which has their pristine private beach, some excellent villas and an Instagram shot worthy plunge pool. Their room with a sea view would run about $500/per night. 

The in-between: We stayed in Santori Hotel Danang Bay and could not recommend it enough for the location, facilities and the hospitality. Their rates including breakfast for a sea-view room which is spacious and all the features you’d expect from a top-line hotel goes for about $50 a night. Their breakfast and rooftop plunge pool make it so much more worth it! 

The Budget traveller: There are tonnes of hostel which come highly rated and their prices start as low as $8 a night and are accommodating for every budget in every location. But we had to recommend Beachfront Apart Hotel which offers an excellent rate for the location and has one of the highest ratings for their rooms and also shared dormitories.  

For a complete Da Nang itinerary covering all the spots in 2-days, check this article and for the big scoop into the café scene in Da Nang be sure to stay tuned for our next blog post. From the must-visit tourist spots to the fun dishes, these upcoming articles will help you have a clear idea about everything you most definitely have to do when in this coastal city. 

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