Restaurants at Bai Xep Beach in Quy Nhon

Bai Xep beach, 20-minute from Quy Nhon city is a fantastic beach with awesome restaurants! After the first visit to Bai Xep beach and having spent a wonderful day here, my boyfriend and I decided to move and stay here for a couple of nights. 

Despite being located in a small local village, there are several restaurants and hotels inside the village as well as resorts down south from the village. So we stayed at a resort 5-minute by foot from the village and spent the entire three days here. 

For information on getting to Bai Xep beach, you can check out my previous post. In this post, I’d like to share with you the two restaurants in Bai Xep village where I had amazing dinners and would like to recommend. 

Local Seafood Restaurant

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - restaurant on beach
Seafood restaurants set up on the beach in the evening
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - seafood baskets on beach
Buckets of fresh live seafood
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - home restaurant
Restaurants inside the village alley
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - restaurant indoor
Indoor seats at a local home
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - fresh oyster
Fresh oysters for starters
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - grilled scallops
Grilled scallops with spring onion and peanuts
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - grilled lobster
Lobster tail grilled with garlic
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - local seafood restaurant Lobster congee porridge
Lobster congee
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - lobster from congee
Top half of lobster from the congee

There are several seafood restaurants located inside the village alley. In the evening, these restaurants set up tables and buckets of fresh seafood on the beach. So it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy on-beach dining. But, it was raining on the day we went, so we sat indoor which is house of the restaurant family. Also, the next day there were no tables set up on the beach. So it is not always certain that you can dine on the beach. However, dining in a local home was also a special experience.

We picked and ordered some fresh live seafood from the buckets on the beach. Beginning with fresh oysters and grilled scallops, we had a huge all-natural lobster for the main course. 

The price of all-natural lobster was 1,100,000VND for 1kg and ours was 1.1kg. The tail was grilled with garlic, and it was yum and plenty. Then the rest of the lobster was cooked in rice porridge. You can ask to have it steamed or grilled according to your liking. But lobster congee is definitely a Vietnamese way of having lobster and because it was delectable, so I loved it!

My boyfriend is a big seafood lover and he absolutely loved the dinner here. And I, being not so much of a seafood fan, also enjoyed every dish here. We also loved the unsophisticated and genuine hospitality of the restaurant family. 

We observed that a lot of the resort guests were coming over to the village for dinner in the evening. And a seafood feast at one of these local seafood restaurants is something I’d recommend even from Quy Nhon city. 

Big Tree Bistro

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - way to after beach
Beautiful path to Big Tree Bistro and Haven hotel on Bai Xep beach
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - Haven restaurant
Big Tree Bistro restaurant
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - Haven restaurant wood fire oven
Wood fired oven
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Haven restaurant - calamari
Deep fried calamari
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - Haven restaurant Americana pizza
Wood fired Americana pizza
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - Haven restaurant steamed shrimps
Steamed shrimps
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon - Haven restaurant stir fried noodle with beef
Stir-fried noodle with beef

At the northern end of Bai Xep beach, there’s Big Tree Bistro restaurant and Haven hotel. We had dinner here on our second evening here. I was delighted to find a wood fired oven here and we ordered a good variety of dishes to try. 

We went for the classic deep fried calamari, wood fired Americana pizza, big steamed shrimps and stir-fried noodle with beef. And they all tasted yum. We were both very satisfied with the food, but the real highlights here are the heavenly ocean breeze and blissful sounds of wave.

Haven hotel has private rooms and dormitories and just completed renovation. So it could be an accommodation option as well as a great place for good western food at Bai Xep beach. 

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