Rice Congee with Green or Red Beans in Old Quarter Hanoi

Congee is one of locals’ favourite breakfast menus in Hanoi. And thus, a must try breakfast for all foodies exploring the culinary world in Hanoi. There is a good variety of congee in Hanoi including congee with pork intestines and plain congee, which are more common. But I tried a new kind of congee at a small street shop in Old Quarter. And I found it to be a very special congee that I’d recommend to foodies wanting to try something different.

Congee with Red or Green Beans, Hanoi

Dao Duy Tu congee shop Hanoi
Morning scene of Dao Duy Tu congee shop
Dao Duy Tu congee shop Hanoi - green bean congee
Congee with green bean paste and pickled toppings
Dao Duy Tu congee shop Hanoi - red bean congee
Pot of congee with red bean paste

Located at the end of beer street in Old Quarter, Hanoi, is a small street shop selling congee. Previously, I tried their plain congee with pork ribs, which is very delicious. But recently, I tried their other congee menu, which is plain rice porridge mixed with bean paste. They have two types of bean congee, one with green bean paste and another with red bean paste. 

Their bean congee is completely bland with no seasoning in itself. So there’s a variety of salted toppings such as boiled egg, deep-fried tofu, Vietnamese aubergine and radish. I went for the green bean congee with boiled egg, deep-fried tofu and aubergine. 

The congee is not completely ground, so you can taste the texture of grains of rice. And it is not so thick, but fluid and watery. It has a very distinct green colour, but to my surprise, I did not taste the green bean much. There was only a very subtle hint of bean taste. The toppings were all heavily pickled in salt, so they balance very well with the plain congee flavour.

I found this congee with bean very unique in flavour as well as its ingredients. Also, this shop is located on a corner of Old Quarter and packed with locals in the morning, which is a fantastic local dining experience that I love. They’re open all day until 6PM unlike most other congee shops. But if you’d like to join the locals, breakfast time is highly recommended!

Cháo Đậu Cà Đào Duy Tư

Address: 51 Đào Duy Từ, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00

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