Rooftop Bar MK Premier Boutique Hotel, Old Quarter, Hanoi

For bar hoppers and lovers, here’s another awesome rooftop bar in the centre of Hanoi. While there’s so much life going on seated on low plastic chairs on streets of Vietnam, which is a huge part of Vietnamese culture and local experience, there are places like MK Premier rooftop bar where you can enjoy a view over the city from top.

I personally love exploring both local restaurants and nice bars in and around town. And this place is one of the bars I often go to for a chillaxing night out with friends. 

MK Premier Rooftop Bar, Hanoi Old Quarter

MK Premier Boutique hotel rooftop bar
Nice lounge sofas to lay back and enjoy a drink and the view (source:
MK Premier Boutique hotel rooftop bar
View over a central part of Old Quarter Hanoi (source:

Since I began an expedition for rooftop bars in Hanoi, I find MK Premier Rooftop bar a perfect getaway in the midst of hustle and bustle of Hanoi city. I think it can be overwhelming sometimes to live in the extremely congested traffic of Hanoi. Therefore, rooftop places are like my haven for a great break. 

I believe you, either as a traveller or an expat based in Hanoi could also be in need of such a escape in the Old Quarter. While there are lots of other places such as West lake for a getaway, if you’re looking for something inside the Old Quarter, I recommend you go to this bar for a good and relaxing night out with your friends.

MK Premier Boutique hotel rooftop bar
View looking down at Hang Buom street of Old Quarter

I am always amazed when I visit rooftop bars in Hanoi. Because only a few floors up from the busy streets, I can find myself in complete serenity distant from the city’s hectic life.

What I love about the MK Premier Rooftop bar is that the lounge sofas are super comfy and they also have some good range of drinks to choose from. The drink of decent quality and price (from 5USD for a cocktail or glass of wine). I enjoyed my visits here because of its great vibe. Also, the staff here are very friendly and professional.

If you’re into bar hopping to different rooftop bars in Hanoi, you can check out my post of Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Hanoi. I hope you’ll have a wonderful time here in Hanoi and I’ll be back with more discoveries about Hanoi and Vietnam!

MK Premier Boutique Hotel

Address: 72-74 Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Rooftop Bar – Visit Hotel’s Official Website for more information

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