Rustic and Cosy Cafe in Local Neighbourhood of Hanoi, a true Hidden Gem – Cang Tin Caphe

While Old Quarter is the centre of tourism with most of top tourist attractions of Hanoi and a great place for a sneak peek of Hanoi’s life, it’s hard to say that it defines the real Hanoi or Vietnam. For those seeking for a glimpse of a more local area and local life, I’d always suggest a visit in a local neighbourhood. 

As I’m trying to make my life in Hanoi a journey to understanding and taking part in Vietnamese local lifestyle, I live in and visit different local areas a lot. I am also passionate about sharing with you the places and experiences I have here so that you can have the opportunity to encounter and experience the local scene yourself while in Hanoi.

Adding to some of my previous cafe recommendations in local areas like Maxbook Cafe and Sii 2 Cafe, I have another one of my favourite cafes that’d love to introduce to you. Most of my cafe adventure is inspired by social media posts, but this one I’m about to share with you is a discovery from myself and I could say it’s a true hidden gem because it’s tucked away in a quiet street near where I live. 

Entrance to Cang Tin - very rustic and down-to-earth welcoming
Cang Tin Cafe - hidden gem cafe Hanoi
Another building of Cang Tin - with a little balcony upstairs on the left side

I pass this street sometimes and this cafe always caught my attention especially during the evening because of those warm cosy lights. When I first visited this place, I fell in love with the atmosphere and also the rustic and down-to-earth interior of the place. Then I went back many more times because of the drink – I order lime juice here every time and it is really good! 

The coffee shop is called Cang Tin Caphe and Cang Tin is derived from the English word canteen and I think even the name is super cute. What I love so much about this place is the young spirit of other guests because most of the times, there are young Vietnamese students who are there with a guitar to play and sing. 

Spot the guitar in there!

With the young group of friends gathered together for a hang out or music-oriented meet up, this place is perfect and I enjoy their presence while I’m sipping on my lime juice in the evening after dinner.

It is not too far from Hoan Kiem lake and very close to Thong Nhat park, which is a marvellous place for a stroll, so I hope you’ll visit this place and have a wonderful time in this local neighbourhood!

Cang Tin Caphe

Address: Opposite to số 31 Ngõ 198 Xã Đàn, Phương Liên, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Everyday 08:00 – 22:15

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