Scrumptious Beefsteak Restaurant Near Bach Khoa University, Hanoi

Bit tet (Vietnamese beefsteak) is included in the 8 Must-Try Food List in Hanoi as it is a localised beefsteak in Vietnamese style. The place I recommend for this dish is on Hoe Nhai street in the Old Quarter because it is the famous street for bit tet. And I always go to Hoe Nhai street for Vietnamese beefsteak too. 

But, adding to the bit tet street, I’d like to recommend another restaurant for some good beefsteak down south in Hai Ba Trung district. Recently, I saw a post on Instagram introducing a beefsteak restaurant and the steaks looked super appetising. Thus pretty immediately, I went to check out the place and I loved the steak there. So check out this place! 

This picture sold me to head to the restaurant immediately!

Beefsteak in Local District of Hanoi

Hanoi Beefsteak Tiem Banh My 35k
Super clean interior and seats
Menu - 5 Mains and some side dishes

Tiem Banh My 35K is the name of the restaurant and is located near one of top universities in Vietnam, Bach Khoa University. From Old Quarter, it takes about 15 minutes with a motorbike and I believe it’s a nice ride down south into the local neighbourhood of Hanoi. 

The restaurant is super clean and new. I believe it could have opened recently. Their menu is super simple with 5 different main dishes: Banh Mi Chao – with egg, pate, sausage and chips, Banh Mi Sot Vang – banh mi bread with dipping sauce, Banh Mi Bit Tet – Vietnamese bit tet, Bo Vien Nuong Da – mini beef chops on hotstone and Bo Tang Nuong Da – beefsteak on hotstone.

Beefsteak on Hotstone Grill

Hanoi Beefsteak Tiem Banh My 35k - chopped beefsteak
Bo Vien Nuong Da - Beefsteak mini chops on hotstone
Hanoi Beefsteak Tiem Banh My 35k
Bo Tang Nuong Da - Beefsteak with chips and salad
Hanoi Beefsteak Tiem Banh My 35k
Extra sides of fried egg and sausages

We ordered Bo Vien and Bo Tang Nuong Da, which came on a grilling hot hotstone. Most of Vietnamese bit tet comes on hotstone such as this, but usually comes with a lid to cover for a while until it cools down a bit and stops spattering onto skin and clothes. But this one did not come with a lid, so I had to stand at a distance until it cooled down. So watch out for that!

I ordered some extra side dishes of fried egg, sausages and salad because the beefsteak mini chops didn’t come with a complimentary salad. The meat was very tender and flavourful alone, but the pepper sauce was nicely complimentary to the beef. Both dishes were yummy and I loved the texture of the meat. But I liked the beefsteak mini chops over the other dish because it came with chopped garlic and grilled garlic tasted amazing. 

One thing I noticed was that the banh mi bread here is super soft and heavily filled unlike normal banh mi breads that are usually light and crispier. And I liked the banh mi here as well as the mains. 

Overall, I really loved the meat here and frankly, I prefer the texture of beefsteak here over the bit tet in other places. So I think I found my favourite beefsteak place in Hanoi!

If you’re interested in trying this delicious beefsteak, it’d be worth a little trip to this area and also a perfect opportunity to explore a local neighbourhood! 

Tiem Banh Mi 35K

Address: 403 Bạch Mai, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội 112019, Vietnam

Opening: 10:00 – 22:00

Facebook Page:

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