Serein Cafe & Lounge: Rooftop Bar with View over Long Bien Railway Bridge – Best Cocktails in Hanoi & Live Music

After the recent closure of the Train Street, which was one of the top tourist attractions and Instaworthy photo spot, I featured an article on alternative places to enjoy train and railway view in Hanoi. Serein Cafe & Lounge was one of the places listed in the article and it’s certainly worth a visit for quite a unique view of the bridge. 

My first time at the cafe was during daytime to check out the view. The cafe is located on the third floor up. They have comfy sofa seats on the third and fourth floors. The view of Long Bien bridge is available from the fourth floor balcony and their outdoor rooftop on the fifth floor. It was a great place to sit for a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

Serein Cafe & Lounge View 1
View of Long Bien railway bridge from 4th floor balcony
Rooftop seats of Serein Cafe & Lounge
Indoor sofa seats to lounge

One evening after dinner at my favourite Vietnamese BBQ place under the railway bridge, my friends and I went to Serein Cafe & Lounge for a drink. The atmosphere in the evening was very different and their lounge sofas were perfectly suitable to sit and enjoy alcoholic beverages.

As the weather was nice and breezy outside and for the view, we wanted to sit on the rooftop, but there was a live band playing and all seats were taken. We had no choice but to take the sofa seats indoor, which was great and relaxing. 

Initially, we wanted to order some wine, but they were out of stock, so we decided to order some cocktails. They had a good list of classic cocktails as well as other spirits menu. 

Balcony seats all occupied by locals on a Saturday evening for live music

All four of us ordered different cocktails and the drinks came at different times with some delay. But when each drink came and we tried a sip of each, we were all very pleasantly surprised because they tasted amazing! There was no fancy presentation of the cocktails with creative decoration of garnishes, but the flavours of the drinks was just top notch and perfectly well balanced between different ingredients. 

P.S. I Love You - Perfect harmony of Baileys and subtle hint of orange

With one exception of Long Island Iced Tea, which was slightly too sour, the other three cocktails were so good that we enjoyed every sip till the very last. 

Luckily, there was a table available on rooftop and the staff offered us to move. Only then, we found out there was another small rooftop on top of the rooftop balcony where the band was singing. 

After the spiral staircase, there was a small balcony of maybe 6 tables of two. Completely open space standing out from a quiet neighbourhood area of Old Quarter and the night view over the bridge and roads filled with busy lives while we sit in isolation up above them all. It was a marvellous time especially because it’s the last few days of the beautiful autumn days of Hanoi. 

Live band from the rooftop of the rooftop
On top of the tiny rooftop looking down at Hanoi's nightview

I must say that Serein Cafe & Lounge turned out to be much better than I had expected even if I had been there once before. The cocktails were certainly outstanding and price not bad at all (I think it was 130k for a classic cocktail). The view and live music on top were fantastic. Here’s a place you can satisfy many senses and I highly recommend you to go and try this place out in the evening!

Serein Cafe & Lounge

Address: 16 Trần Nhật Duật, Đồng Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: Everyday 09:00 – 23:00 

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