Special Duck BBQ with Galangal Spice to Try in Hanoi

There’s this one restaurant I regularly go since a number of years ago. Don Duck restaurant has this very special duck BBQ with galangal spice and it’s a great menu to try in Hanoi.

Galangal & Duck

Galangal root - Healthline
Galangal root (source: Healthline)

Galangal is a tropical spice that is used in Hanoi’s famous dish, cha ca (grilled fish) – one of the Must Try Dishes in Hanoi. I think my first galangal dish is from cha ca and I just love the unique flavour of this spice. This spice is not a commonly used spice in Vietnam, but as much as it goes super well with cha ca, it’s absolutely delicious with duck too!

Don Duck Restaurant

Don Duck restaurant grilled duck bbq Hanoi - front
Don Duck restaurant in Hanoi Food Street
Don Duck restaurant Hanoi - grilled duck
Grilled duck with galangal spice
Don Duck restaurant grilled duck bbq Hanoi
Delectable aromatic duck BBQ on your table
Don Duck restaurant Hanoi - sweet sour duck
Sweet and sour duck

My first galangal duck BBQ was at Don Duck restaurant and I have not found any other place in Hanoi other than here. Since my first time, I have been going back here time and time again. It has moved its location two times and now is located in Hanoi’s food street. And I keep following them wherever they go!

The tender duck meat marinated in galangal is absolutely aromatic. I love the entire experience of having the BBQ on the table and enjoying that yummy smell from beginning to end. It is served with fresh bun rice noodle, which greatly compliments the oily BBQ. 

For me, the main is always this grilled duck, but since the restaurant offers some other menus, I also like to order different dishes along with the BBQ. One of my favourite dishes is sweet and sour based. So I often order this sweet and sour duck on the side. Honestly, even though this sweet and sour dish is good, the main highlight is always the grilled duck. 

As the spice itself is not so common in Vietnam and it goes perfectly well with duck BBQ, if you’d like to try something special, something out-of-the-box from Hanoi’s most famous dishes, I recommend Don Duck restaurant!

Don Duck

Address: 5 Ngõ Cấm Chỉ, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening Hours: 11:30 – 00:00

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